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Basti For The Win

I was not able to watch Till I Met you of two consecutive episodes and since it’s my off today I grabbed the chance to watch it in Iwantv. And there I learned that Basti rolled by James Reid needs your like and share to win the video contest. He featured Iris rolled by Nadine his wife entitled My Love Letter To You, this was their wedding video, he created this video to show his love and care to his wife, he want to show the world how much he truly cares his wife. Please like the video so Basti can win. Go to

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Let Yahoo Helps You

If you want your business to be famous over the Internet why not use Yahoo to put your ads so the customers around the world can reach you and not only in the circle of your friends in FB. It is easy when you put ads to Yahoo, the possible customer would write a certain product that they like in the search box and viola your business would appear. You do not have to worry as well about how much it costs because it only cost a dollar and your product would be searchable over the Internet. When someone would search your product that means extra income and more customers would view at your sites. So if you have a business online why not let the Yahoo search helps you?

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Entrecard Said Goodbye

It is almost 4:00 a.m., and I woke up when my baby got up and asked water and from then on, I could not sleep at all. So I just turn my computer on to read some news and whereabouts.

And then I saw the latest updates from FB, it said that they are back for manual photo tagging for privacy reason,  I haven’t uploaded new pictures in FB though so I really could not back up this post but somehow the news tells though so I guess it is true.

One more that surprised, I mean this one surprised me a lot more, the EC is now closed. I thought they only have updates with the server that’s why I could see any widgets appeared in my blog. But when I open the entrecard website yesterday, it says it could not be found. I just leave it, thinking the servers must down for a moment but then one friend in FB shouted it out that the EC is no longer of service.

Entrecard dropping has been a lot of help for my traffic ever since it was started but I just cool down when the Adgitizing was a hit and all a sudden it went off too. I tried to be active again in EC dropping then the FB syndication occurs. Although I joined Alexa hopping, I am still dropping to some of my friends there and then the EC shuts down and I mean forever.

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I Can’t Wait

I can’t wait for sending this blog to some paid sites; my hands are so itchy to do it. But I have to wait for the right time, my friend Genny is also suggesting that I actually could apply for Direct Advertising, it is somewhat new to me, I didn’t expect that there are some advertisers out there willing to give you a task not through a website, well the word “direct” explains everything, they would directly hire you if they like what you posted in your blog.

Wish me all the best of lucks!