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Embedding The Code From Facebook

My photobucket pictures were nowhere to be found. You see I have 3 kinds of log in for photobucket but my first photobucket log in is not functioning at all. When I checked the pictures from this log in, it would say pictures were deleted and it affected one of my blog. If you noticed the Mary Anne’s Musings has a new template because the header is not restoring even though I already put another code to it.

I was devastated and yet I have to move forward, I slept late just to put my blog up and running. I only slept for 2 hours that night because I need to work right after. I could not trust the photobucket anymore and yet I need it, in case I have to put pictures in my blog. I needed the code for the image to show up.

Recently, I figured out that I can embed the code of the picture from Facebook to my blog. You might want to refer what I am talking about to this link Little World of Fun, You possibly view the picture. The source of the code is not from photobucket anymore but from the Facebook. All you need to do is click the option of the picture you want to post in your blog and then click the Embed and that’s it.


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I Am So Stupid!

Just this week one advertiser asked me to send her an Invoice through Paypal and so I did. I thought she will only send that certain amount for all the post I wrote on each of my blog. I didn’t expect that the payment will be each of the blog. I am already happy with a small amount, I mean who would send in that amount to me, so even if it is small or whatever I will be glad to accept.

I went to the mall one day to grocery shop. I saw my blogger friend and of course when bloggers met, they talked about the blessing that they get. Don’t get me wrong, it is really a tupsy turvy in the blogging world. Mostly we don’t earn but because I have these blogs for decades, I just went on. I didn’t mind at all if I have something in return or not. So going back to my topic, my friend was able to open up to me about this advertiser and I got curious. She explained to me that a certain amount is for one blog only and if I have send all my blogs and she approved of it. I can earn that total amount covered with 9 blog post. I was so surprised!

Thus, when I got home I send invoices to her and I am looking forward to earn it. This is just so rare so I have to grab it. I hope she will be able to pay me this week because I am really running out of budget. And I have so many bills to pay for.


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I Don’t Understand

Yeah, it was just last week that this blog’s PR went up to 7 but when I checked it now it went down to zero not one but zero. I closely monitored my activities except these past few days because I got sick and inasmuch as I really wanted to update my blog, I got too weak that I could not even drive. So I don’t understand, it was only few days that I was not able to check on my blog and right now I just got zero? I mean, what was the PR all about? Was it only a mistake or it just one week of making it to the top and then all a sudden drop it that is absolutely so mean.

 photo question-mark-face.gif

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It Was Never Expected

I was so surprised the other day when I saw the page rank of this blog, it went higher as it could get. This blog went up from zero to PR 3. My other blogs went the same but I am more surprised with my Sahm’s Dining Diary because it went up higher to PR 6. I can’t believe of what I saw, I never expected it as well. I even never thought that I can even get an update in regards with my Page Rank. Thank you GOOGLE.

 photo Untitled_1.jpg

This is for My Daily Mumbles, from zero it has now PR 3

 photo Untitled 1.jpg

And PR 6 for Sahm’s Dining Diary, oh my happiness

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