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Books In IPad or Computer

I love to read books, since Sidney Sheldon died, I am now hunting for another kind of genre and venturing another authors. When I am waiting for someone in the mall, I always go to a book shop to wait there while looking for a book to read. In today’s generation, some do no read the literal book because they can actually download it in the computer, I mean my niece just done that. Pretty exciting isn’t it? She told me to look for a copy in PDF file, but I am not sure if I could do that, I mean when I go out I want my eyes to settle in a real book and not in monitor of a computer. My friend told me you can actually read books in a table or ipad, it is free I guess you just have to trade in or just borrow it. Just like when you borrow a certain book in the library. I am not sure how does that work, maybe you also have to download or something. But I am a laid back kind of person; I still have to raise my hand for a book in the bookstore and not in the computer or ipad.

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Will Invest Books

It has been a while since I did not buy books for my kids, I know it is not good to say an excuse when the kids learning is involved but now I am trying to correct it and will invest books for my kids. From now on, I will have to spare my time to be with them when they study, I guess that’s a nice bonding with them. I just hope that my youngest will be serious now especially when she is going to a real school. With my eldest, she would still go to the same school; I will just transfer her when she is already graduated from grade school. This Friday, I promised to buy them books.

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Tribulation Force

Remember the book I so wanted to read, the series of the Left Behind? Oh well, my husband went to Washington yesterday to do some errands and right after that he went to a bookshop where many books like of what I am looking for are on sales. I am so thankful that my husband did not forget about my book, I thought he already forgot about it. Thank you honey, you are the best.

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What if?

What if the world would end right in front of our eyes?
What if we know tomorrow is the end of it?
Are you ready?
I am reading a book, which was personally recommended by my friend when I was still working in a call center. She told me about it years back and since I forgot about the title, I was only hunting the story of it and sometimes I would ask the sales force if they encountered such a story line but of course, we can’t expect them to read the content right? So they prefer me to give them the title that I totally just forgot. 
Just recently, my friend message me in FB with one of my shout out, right there, I was able to grab the chance to ask her about the title and yes, right now I am reading the “Left Behind”. 
When I started reading the first part, I immediately got goose bumps. I have to stop reading it because I was totally taken with the story. It scares me to death that I have to compose myself for 2 days to read it again. Well, it is just me; I would cry so hard and laugh over a book, if you could not hear me ore see me having those sentiments while reading. That could not be me at all. But this book is different, it made me cry, yes, especially when they personally found their friends and love ones disappear in an instant, who would not get frustrated with that scene? More than that, I feel like, fears got into my senses. What if the raptures would happen right before we knew it? What would the world looks like without children in your sight? 
I hope GOD would still spare us, even how stubborn we are and how people get worst in treating this world everyday. I just hope that the book I read is all about but fiction and will not happen in the next two days or the next three years or forever.