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IPhone 10 or IPhone X

When it was launch just early this month, I guess most of the people living in the US were too busy ordering the device or even pre-ordering it. Everyone is too hectic, and even trying or working so hard so to get this kind of luxury. Apple released the iPhone x in line with their 10th year anniversary. They tag the phone “Say Hello To The Future”

It’s all screen, very edgy. And one thing on iPhone X is you can locked and unlock it with face recognition. So even if your face change, it can still recognize it. It can’t even spoof by pictures, and what not. You don’t have to press a button when going to the home screen, a single swipe only can do. Rear cameras are improving too. It has 2 cameras outfitted with 2 megapixels. So surely it will capture everything. You might want to check the iPhone X here.


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T-Mobile And Sprint Is Talking About Merging

While chatting with my husband who is in Maryland now, he sent me this news that T-mobile and Sprint is talking about a merger. These two wireless providers is one of the biggest companies in the US. T-mobile as what I’ve heard covers almost of the United States, they are the biggest competitor with AT&T. Promos are everywhere so you would get them as your phone provider.

The T-mobile and Sprint is in frequent talking about a stock for stock merger with T-mobile as the majority owner. Although they are in frequent conversation, they still did not provide us a final update as to when or they would really. Both companies are not seemingly likely to comment regarding the report.

Here’s the details of the report:

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Mj’s New IPhone 5S

I promised my eldest daughter to buy her a new phone when I get my back pay from my previous work. I supposed to buy her a new phone on Monday but since my ATM card was nowhere to be found I wasn’t able to withdraw some cash and since it was holiday and there was no bank open that day. We have to wait until Tuesday to withdraw some money over the counter. Mj could not contain her excitement when we are about to go to Victoria Plaza. She told me she knows someone who sells Iphones with lesser price. I could not believe it at first. Iphones are known not only for their features but for their price, they are very expensive but she said they sell affordable Iphones. At first I really thought that it was an imitation and I told my daughter that it might be scam or something but she said her friend already bought one from them and it work so fine, it is the original Iphones.

When we went to the store, Mj picked the 5s; I asked the guy why they are selling them with lower price. The guy told us that the Iphones are second hand from US. They are the one who opens the line so the phones can be used in the Philippines. They offer warranty of 30 days and 1 year service if the phone won’t work. I checked the phone itself, it looks legit. Moreover, it is Mj’s idea to buy the phone from their store. I even asked her if she would like to check Samsung from the Samsung retailer store but she made a decision already.

Here’s the phone:


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Can’t Wait For The Back Pay

Last July 10 I process my clearance in the office so I can claim my back pay after 45 days. Yes it is yet 45 days but they said I can make a follow up on the 3rd week so maybe on August I will be calling them to ask if it is already available.

Mj can’t wait for my back pay because I promised her that once I have it on my hand, I will buy another phone and she will be using my Samsung Galaxy On 7. I think I just got the Samsung Galaxy On 7 before my birthday last year. Mj got my Microsoft Windows then. But later on Microsoft Windows won’t charge, we already have the port repair but then it is doing the same thing again now.

I was thinking to buy her a new phone but she was okay with my Samsung Galaxy On 7 so I will buy myself a phone she will get mine right after. We were already making a canvass of a new phone maybe I will be getting not the Samsung this time but Oppo F3. I saw some offers in the mall; I might go to check for it when I have the funds.

When I went to NBI to get my clearance, I was able to talk to a girl who will be working in a Home Credit. We were able to talk about life and her journey here in Davao. She offered me an F3 phone; she said she will give me some freebies if I will buy the phone from her. She seems so nice so I’ll be calling her one of these days.


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