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Be Inspired By Your Fitness Wear

Both my husband and I could stand to drop a few pounds.  One thing that he says he lacks is the motivation to continue once he starts an exercise program.  He really needs encouragement to continue a fitness routine once he starts.  He normally just wears a pair of old shorts and tee-shirt to work out in, but I don’t know how comfortable or conducive to helping him in his fitness routine is.

I believe that, along with a good pair of training shoes, fitness wear is important.  Fitness apparel should be functional, comfortable to wear and it would not hurt if it had a motivation message on it to help my husband concentrate on his workout.  I and the kids try to do our part by giving our encouragement, especially the youngest who is really concerned about her daddy when it comes to exercising

As for me, I am pretty much the same.  I am in pretty good physical condition, but I do need to lose some weight.  I have tried many different things to do so, but have lacked the will to continue any of them.  There are no magic pills or formula to help us lose weight, just a proper diet and exercise.  Doing a fitness program alone is hard.  In our case we need encouragement.  I like the idea of having fitness wear that gives both me and my husband a message.

Whether we are jogging, lifting weights or any other fitness activity, having the proper motivation is important I know in my case I need to be encouraged to continue what I have started.

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Protective Gear When Riding

I wrote about the importance of having proper safety gear for motorcyclists.  This does not only include helmets, but gloves and boots, the proper clothing is also important.  Gloves should fit well, and be like a second cover of skin.  Gloves should not only protect your hands if you happen to have a problem on your bike but should keep them safe from the elements.  Gloves like Klim Inversion Gloves, are just part of the protective gear you need when riding.  Whether you ride for pleasure or are competitive, protecting yourself is important.  Good motorcycle gear should knowing your equipment makes for a fun safe ride.

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