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Laptop Was Out Again

My laptop stopped working on December one day and no matter how hard we tried to back things up it just didn’t work. Faith was the last one who used the computer and after that the windows will not turn on. Faith tried to explain everything and I am sure Mariel’s  friend understood it since he was able to fix the computer after a day.

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The Country That Has The Fastest Data Connection

I read one of my friend’s status yesterday and he complained about his internet connection, sucks! I was with that company before and even I got the 3 MBPS it was still so slow. I also tried the internet speed geez it didn’t even reached to 2 MBPS thus, I changed my Internet Provider. This is not too much most of the times it still slow but it is dependable unlike the other one I had.

On the other hand, when we watched the “The Train to Busan” I noticed that even there was already a zombie apocalypse; their Internet/Data was still working so strong. I even told myself this is impossible, I mean it is only a movie so maybe they just exaggerated everything on it. But my niece objected it; she said that Korea has the strongest Internet Connection all over the world. I researched for it and she was right!

The first country is South Korea to have the fast Internet/Data connection.

Followed by Sweden.

Next is Norway

Japan is the 4th 

And then Netherlands.

USA is not even included with the top ten, how much more the Philippines, we are thrown away. We could have done better with data connection, if only our Government was not corrupt or at least they could have researched on what we should do to have a better connection instead of just complaining around with the death of those criminals.

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What’s Going On PLDT?

I am just so pissed off with PLDT. Last night all so sudden our Internet is cut off. I thought that they just have some technical issues but to my surprised when my niece and daughter called the customer service, they have  sign me up for upgrade and they said that my 50 gig is already over and the only way to have it connected is to buy a booster. I was still outside when I learn the news from my niece. I told her to call them back and tell them that I did not subscribe anything, my niece then told me I should be the one complain because they won’t entertain them.

And so when I arrived, I called them right away. I have to wait yet from 30 minutes for them to pick up the god damn phone. I asked for supervisor right away, the agent tried to de-escalate so I gave way. I told her that I did not confirm anything; she asked me if I know Erlinda, I told her there is no Erlinda living here. So she said they will revert the plan and I’ll just have to wait for someone to call me within the day or so to put back my plan to its original. I feel hopeful; I mean I am positive that my Internet will be back tonight.


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Greetings Online

Just recently I uploaded this video, picture in the bottom in FB. This video was created by my husband last year. I did not upload it for some reason but now I guess this is the right time.

 photo e412f3cd-3cea-43e1-9a52-e83a419b650c_zpscebbc22f.jpg

My husband created this through JibJab, he paid it for 2 cents dollar, I am not sure if that was the exact amount. Anyway through this video I was able to send my greetings to the whole world online.

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