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Embedding The Code From Facebook

My photobucket pictures were nowhere to be found. You see I have 3 kinds of log in for photobucket but my first photobucket log in is not functioning at all. When I checked the pictures from this log in, it would say pictures were deleted and it affected one of my blog. If you noticed the Mary Anne’s Musings has a new template because the header is not restoring even though I already put another code to it.

I was devastated and yet I have to move forward, I slept late just to put my blog up and running. I only slept for 2 hours that night because I need to work right after. I could not trust the photobucket anymore and yet I need it, in case I have to put pictures in my blog. I needed the code for the image to show up.

Recently, I figured out that I can embed the code of the picture from Facebook to my blog. You might want to refer what I am talking about to this link Little World of Fun, You possibly view the picture. The source of the code is not from photobucket anymore but from the Facebook. All you need to do is click the option of the picture you want to post in your blog and then click the Embed and that’s it.


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Photo Friday – Traffic

My work schedule is at night, actually it is not at night because my starts at 2:30 in the morning and I got off from work at 11:30 in the morning but that day I can’t go home yet because I need to have the car fixed, needed to buy a goggles for my youngest daughter for her swimming lesson and I need to get the kids from school. When we were on our way home, I got stuck in the traffic, just my lucky day. Imagined, I don’t have sleep yet and I need to finish my task online and my eyes were really dozing off while driving but I needed to be awake otherwise I will not get paid with my online task.

 photo 39f53f6b-4aee-4ec7-ba5e-f64526ba855a.jpg

Join the fun in Photo Friday the link is here.

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