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Embedding The Code From Facebook

My photobucket pictures were nowhere to be found. You see I have 3 kinds of log in for photobucket but my first photobucket log in is not functioning at all. When I checked the pictures from this log in, it would say pictures were deleted and it affected one of my blog. If you noticed the Mary Anne’s Musings has a new template because the header is not restoring even though I already put another code to it.

I was devastated and yet I have to move forward, I slept late just to put my blog up and running. I only slept for 2 hours that night because I need to work right after. I could not trust the photobucket anymore and yet I need it, in case I have to put pictures in my blog. I needed the code for the image to show up.

Recently, I figured out that I can embed the code of the picture from Facebook to my blog. You might want to refer what I am talking about to this link Little World of Fun, You possibly view the picture. The source of the code is not from photobucket anymore but from the Facebook. All you need to do is click the option of the picture you want to post in your blog and then click the Embed and that’s it.


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5 Tips for Springtime Photography

Even if you dream of becoming a rockstar photographer, you should get experience with a variety of subjects and shooting techniques. Here are a handful of springtime photography tips to make the most of this gorgeous season.

1. When shooting bluebells, don’t try to fit in the trees or other nearby objects. If you do, the bluebells will disappear into the surroundings instead of being the focus of the shot.

2. Photograph crops on a windy day. Use a fast shutter speed to make sure you don’t get any blur.

3. Make a landscape photo more interesting by incorporating a cool building, like a windmill, lighthouse, or castle.

4. Don’t be dissuaded by a cloudy day. Moody clouds can make a picture more dramatic than an empty sky could. Wait a few minutes for the sun to sneak through so that you can use the natural lighting.

5. Play with black and white photography during the spring. Sure, most springtime images will be brightly, boldly colored, but monochromatic shots let you view the warm season in a new way. You can either shoot in black and white or convert an image to grayscale after shooting in color.

Even if flowers and sunshine aren’t part of your primary niche, there’s nothing wrong with trying new types of photography and expanding your portfolio.

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Transfering Some Of My Files

My external hard drive is almost full, now I am starting to delete old files. But every time I am deleting files, I always feel regret because I valued every pictures and now I am just throwing it in the recycle bin. But I have to utilized the space of my external hard drive, I have to be very diligent of what files should I saved there. Until I realized I have an account in Shutterfly, they have unlimited space, and you can just set it to private. That means no one can see your pictures except yourself. So I logged in and starting now to transfer some of my pictures to this site, I still had my old files in my Shutterfly and I realized it has been so long that I’d been a member for this website.

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My Youngest Daughter’s Photography

Faith loves to take some pictures and so during her farewell party at school, she insisted to give her the cellphone so she could take some pictures of her classmates at first she wanted the Digicam but I did not let her used it yet for her to stop whining I just gave the cellphone instead.

 photo cats-1_zps3bb06dc5.jpg

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