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NRelate Bids Farewell

 photo images-2.pngI’d been using this plug in for quite a while already ever since I could not use the Linkwithin as my reference for the other topics of my post. Now they are saying farewell to all the users. I am quiet sad since I am used to this service already. However they had to say goodbye, I am not sure yet which one to replace it but I think I will have to stick with jetpack because recently they added this kind of service.

Their letter says that they will totally stop serving on December 31st of this year. All nRelate service including their facing dashboards will be terminated. So long nRelate till next time.

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Deleted Plug In

When I updated the ShareThis plug in button in my blog, it got a syntax error. My blog could not be viewed, I forgot where to delete. I know I just have to delete it in my hosting control panel but I forgot even the password. I have to call the one who provided me the hosting and she told me that I have to delete it under files then point the domain and delete the plug in that I just downloaded in my blog. It took me a while to figure out what was my password and finally I was able to track it. I deleted the said plug in under my files in my control panel hosting and since I could no longer use the ShareThis button because of the error. A friend suggested to just using what’s in Jetpack and so I activated it again and re-activated the share button I have before. Now of course I can’t just leave my other blog without an update deleted the ShareThis button even though I learned that the author made an update again. I can’t gamble my blogs anymore so I choose to delete even though I love the plug in so much.

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Word Verification

Finally I was able to find a plug in for a captcha or word verification, now since I installed it, I noticed that I didn’t have that much spams anymore. I hope it would continue to be like this forever because having those spammers are so annoying at all. Sometimes I just spent my time deleting or putting those comments into my spam folders not realizing that it would eat up my disc usage in my host site.

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