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Blogs That Are Scheduled Today

I am so sleepy; I am here on our bed beside our kids. Mj is already fast asleep; Faith on the other hand is trying to sleep. I am lying beside them so they could sleep quickly unlike if I am on the other computer; my youngest daughter tends to get up. Thus, I set up my router a while ago so I could use my mini laptop. I hope before my eyes would close, I will be able to update all my blogs that is scheduled today.

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Wide-Awake At Dawn

I didn’t have enough sleep for two nights, I was not able to take a nap yesterday because my friend messaged me that she was already on her way to meet up with me so I have to neglect my nappy moment and drive all the way to the mall. I thought I can sleep early that night but I was wrong because I have so many things I need to do online, you see I am working on my alexa rank that has been set aside for a long time now.

This morning I was too groggy, good thing I haven’t fall asleep when I drove my daughter to her training, I still have my eyes wide open and when I arrived at the venue, I just ordered a cup of coffee to energize me a little.

Tonight when we arrived home, I just dropped one blog and I told my husband if I could have a nap for one hour. I promised him I will be back after an hour but maybe I was too tired because I was asleep like 2 hours and if I didn’t hear my daughter’s laughter in the living room from the cartoon she watched, I won’t get up to put her to bed. Now I am wide-awake at dawn, blogging and chatting with my dear husband.

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Sleeping For 1 1/2 Day

Last June 07, we arrived from Manila and I couldn’t do anything except to sleep. Yes, I’d been sleeping for almost two days. If Mj doesn’t have training yesterday, I am still sleeping until now. I don’t know what happen but I feel like I didn’t have enough for a week that when I got home, I always crawling to bed and forget my blog anymore. Today, Mj will continue her training still for the preparation for DCAA. I hope she and her team mates will be able to break their time as what they did at the ULTRA.

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