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T-Mobile And Sprint Is Talking About Merging

While chatting with my husband who is in Maryland now, he sent me this news that T-mobile and Sprint is talking about a merger. These two wireless providers is one of the biggest companies in the US. T-mobile as what I’ve heard covers almost of the United States, they are the biggest competitor with AT&T. Promos are everywhere so you would get them as your phone provider.

The T-mobile and Sprint is in frequent talking about a stock for stock merger with T-mobile as the majority owner. Although they are in frequent conversation, they still did not provide us a final update as to when or they would really. Both companies are not seemingly likely to comment regarding the report.

Here’s the details of the report:

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How To Break Out Of A Rut

When we’re young, the days rarely ever blend into one another. As we get older, though, it’s easy for life to start to feel a bit monotonous. The daily grind of getting up, going to work and coming home can lead us to begin to feel as if we’re stuck in a bit of a rut.

The key to getting out of a rut isn’t deciding to quit your job and move to a new house. Instead, it’s about adding unique new experiences to your life in order for your days to feel fresh and new again. Here are some simple ways to get out of a rut.

Try Something Completely New

We all have activities and outings that we prefer over doing other things. However, one of the most important tips when it comes to getting out of a rut is to try something new. If you usually see movies on a Friday night, try going to off Broadway reviews instead. If you like going out to restaurants, try taking a cooking class instead to learn how to cook for yourself at home. These new experiences will completely shake up your routine and make you feel excited about life again.

Work On Improving Yourself

We all have things about ourselves that we wish we could change. When we neglect to take action for too long, we often begin to feel frustrated with ourselves. One of the best ways to get out of a rut is by dedicating yourself to some sort of self-improvement task. Perhaps you want to lose weight or maybe you want to master a new language. Whatever the case may be, bettering yourself will help you to feel more optimistic about your life.

Take A Break

Sometimes we feel frustrated because we’re overworking ourselves and feel like we never get a break. Occasionally, the best way to get out of a rut is simply by taking a break, be it a vacation or just a few days to unwind at home.

No one wants to feel like their life is monotonous. If you follow these tips, you can get out of your rut and feel better.

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Mj’s New IPhone 5S

I promised my eldest daughter to buy her a new phone when I get my back pay from my previous work. I supposed to buy her a new phone on Monday but since my ATM card was nowhere to be found I wasn’t able to withdraw some cash and since it was holiday and there was no bank open that day. We have to wait until Tuesday to withdraw some money over the counter. Mj could not contain her excitement when we are about to go to Victoria Plaza. She told me she knows someone who sells Iphones with lesser price. I could not believe it at first. Iphones are known not only for their features but for their price, they are very expensive but she said they sell affordable Iphones. At first I really thought that it was an imitation and I told my daughter that it might be scam or something but she said her friend already bought one from them and it work so fine, it is the original Iphones.

When we went to the store, Mj picked the 5s; I asked the guy why they are selling them with lower price. The guy told us that the Iphones are second hand from US. They are the one who opens the line so the phones can be used in the Philippines. They offer warranty of 30 days and 1 year service if the phone won’t work. I checked the phone itself, it looks legit. Moreover, it is Mj’s idea to buy the phone from their store. I even asked her if she would like to check Samsung from the Samsung retailer store but she made a decision already.

Here’s the phone:


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Half Alien Half Human

Faith was showing me these series the other day and the next time I know I am already hooked up with it. I supposed to watch it with her but when the series goes further, there are kissing scene that she should not be seeing so she was always put to bed. On the other hand you might wanna know these series that I was hooked up that I just finished today. It is the Roswell.

Roswell is about the 3 teenagers who were half human half alien, they had been discreet about their secret so they could not use their power in public until one day when there was a commotion at the fast food center that they went to, Max healed one of the waitress whose name is Liz, Max had a crush on Liz for a long time now that when he saw that she had been shot, he did not hesitate to go to her and healed her. Liz was supposedly die on that day but since he healed her, there was no wound found on her stomach that everyone appalled of what happened, especially to those who witnessed that Liz was shot dead, I mean supposedly dead. Their journey began when Liz is questioning Max who and what they are.

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