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Check Site For Malware

So I have this feeling that somehow my websites are not working as they supposed to. I am afraid that it has something in it.

I searched for a possible malware or Trojans, good thing that we are living now today, everything is just easy access that you don’t have to go in a public library or buy an encyclopedia just to get some answers. I somewhat loving this kind of set up but I somehow hated it too. Everything is just easy access, like everything that even a toddler would know it right away, just one click, one click and viola!

Thus, if Faith would start to turn the computer on, there should be an adult around her to avoid clicking those videos that should not be click. However back to the subject, so I was searching some engine for me to check if my website has some malware infection. I tried the Sahms Dining Diary first, since I have some report that it has and thank GOD, I tried three different site check and there’s none!

So what are these sites?

I tried the

This as well


I tried this too

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4 Considerations When Choosing a Psychic

If you’re looking for a psychic, you might be a little overwhelmed by all of the ads and commercials out there. The good news is that it’s easier than you might think to sift through the phonies and find the real deal. Here are just a few things to keep in mind as you shop around for a psychic!

1. Specialty

Some psychics read palms and cards. Others are able to pick up on the energies and impressions of important objects. Others still might be able to contact the dead! Always ask about a psychic’s area of expertise before you put your fate into their hands. You want someone with knowledge and real-world skills that can actually help you.

2. Availability

When can the psychic fit you into their schedule? How many appointments do you think you’ll need to resolve your spiritual issue? If you’re only after a one-time seance, you’ll have more wiggle room than if you’re looking to set up weekly appointments to talk about the future. Discuss these things with your psychic before you settle on any plans.

3. Personality

It’s a common misconception that all psychics are mystical women who will only speak to you in metaphors. As with any field, you’ll find all kinds of personalities in the spiritual world. Some psychics are blunt people who will tell you like it is. Others are kinder and gentler. Which kind of psychic will best suit you?

4. Price

Don’t be afraid to discuss money matters with your chosen psychic. You might wind up forming a long-term relationship with them, so it’s better to know in advance what their rates will be like. You don’t want to spiritually connect to someone only to realize a month later that you can’t keep pace with them financially! Talk about your budget upfront.

These are a few basic things to consider as you look for spiritual services. Whether you’re hoping to contact someone from the other side or just receive a relationship Tarot reading, it’s important that you’re confident in your choice of psychics. Good luck!

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Just Dance 2017 Wii U

We have Wii so one of the things I have in mind when a friend came  here to visit is a Wii Game, Mj asked for a war game CD but the friend could not find anything like it. So the friend gave us the Just Dance but sad to say, it is not compatible with our Wii, the one that we have is the Wii not the Wii u. So this tape until now was not used at all, if you are interested with the tape, please just PM me. Even though it is hard for us to let go of this but we have to, it is just displayed in the corner, could not use it so if you are interested please, PM me, price will depend on our negotiation but for sure we will sell this one just light in the pocket.

This CD consists of the following song list:

All About Us by Jordan Fisher

Bailar by Deorro featuring Elvis Crespo

Bonbon by Era Istrefi

Cake by the Ocean by DNCE

Can’t Feel My Face by The Weeknd and many more… Grab it now!


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Protect Your Hair

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.

o possess a perfect beauty can never be so easy but with today’s technology, everything is just right in front of your nose. But you have to be cautious because there are lots of brands out there that instead of giving you a natural beauty, it only gives you the worst and that is the thing that we always want to avoid. With Divatress, everything just look so natural, it even won’t give you an idea that you are wearing a wig hair. It is because the product is synthetic, meaning to say you would feel it to yourself that you are wearing a natural human’s hair. It doesn’t give you the look that you won’t deserve. These lace front wigs can give you even more; the wig is so smooth that if you touch the strands, it would feel like you are touching a human’s hair. It even gives your hair a protection. You see, the heat of the sun and the smoke outside can give your hair irritated, I am telling you if your hair can talk, it would definitely say “I gave up” but of course our hair can’t speak but you can feel it, the more you spend your time outside, the more damage the hair can get. So protect your hair before it will be too late!

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