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Half Alien Half Human

Faith was showing me these series the other day and the next time I know I am already hooked up with it. I supposed to watch it with her but when the series goes further, there are kissing scene that she should not be seeing so she was always put to bed. On the other hand you might wanna know these series that I was hooked up that I just finished today. It is the Roswell.

Roswell is about the 3 teenagers who were half human half alien, they had been discreet about their secret so they could not use their power in public until one day when there was a commotion at the fast food center that they went to, Max healed one of the waitress whose name is Liz, Max had a crush on Liz for a long time now that when he saw that she had been shot, he did not hesitate to go to her and healed her. Liz was supposedly die on that day but since he healed her, there was no wound found on her stomach that everyone appalled of what happened, especially to those who witnessed that Liz was shot dead, I mean supposedly dead. Their journey began when Liz is questioning Max who and what they are.

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Cebu Pacific Flight Number 5J570

Cebu Pacific Flight number 5J570 encountered a minor accident, the plane is bound from Cebu to Manila at 6:35 pm. Upon taking off the front landing gear went outside the runway. Thank GOD that there is no major injuries. All the passengers are taken cared of. All passenger are being deplaned so the aircraft can be towed.

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MS Paint Stay

Just a day ago, I read some speculations regarding MS Windows to remove the MS Paint. There were many who posted it in FB saying RIP MS Paint. And I said oh no, I am sometimes using MS Paint to edit some of my pictures but here’s the good news after the outpouring support from around the world, they decided to let it stay although it is not pre-installed but you can still download in Windows App Store.

The new version of MS paint has 3D, users will be able to access many of MS Paints feature such as photo editing, line, curve tools and 2D creation.

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The Power of Love

Most of us wouldn’t argue over the fact that love can be a powerful emotion. It can motivate us to do many things that we thought we weren’t capable of. It can also humble us and create great vulnerabilities within our spirit. Most would agree that there are many different forms of love and its expression can vary greatly. However, love is often the force behind many different actions and reactions.

Love Can Build a Bridge
Love can help connect two very dissimilar people. It can be the bridge across troubled waters. However, the undeniable fact that a bridge exists is the testament of the presence of love. A bridge can not be built unless there is a willingness on both sides to bond and connect despite obvious differences. The bridge represents the acknowledgment of both parties to re-build or build a relationship. It’s even the evidence that building a relationship or rebuilding one is difficult but worth the attempt.

Love Can Power Us
The single mom who works tirelessly throughout the day or night knows how much energy love can give her as she toils while she thinks about her children. Although she’s tired, she finds the energy to push herself to work another few hours. She may feel as if she might pass out if she works another hour but thoughts of her children give her energy.

Love Can Give Us Resilience
When we have a love for ourselves or loved ones, we can withstand more. A spirit filled and fueled by the power of love is capable of withstanding adversity to a larger degree. The loss of a job or a difficult illness can challenge our spirits, but a person filled with love will fight for survival and wellness. Love can build character and strength giving us the stamina to keep going when the going gets tough. We may have had a truck that we loved and built with aftermarket truck parts stolen from us, but our resolve and “can do” attitude will help us to keep going even after the loss of something we built from our heart.

The power of love can transcend all situations and conditions, building a stronger more resilient person. It can give us the power to keep going when our bodies say no. It can also expose the most vulnerable places in our hearts. One thing is for sure however, love almost always gives us characteristics and gifts we never had in order to care for ourselves and our loved ones.

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