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We Can’t Have All The Happiness

I just want to thank Genny for sending me that email, now they have chosen my three blogs for their links. I was so happy when I receive the payment this morning, I was so surprised and right away, I did what they want me to do; I hope to receive more blessing from them. But I guess you could not have all the happiness that you want to have because the thing that I wanted it to happen seems like it is too hard to be true. How I wish God would answer our prayers, how I wish it would happen.

Be Thankful

You can’t have everything in the world but even so it is still up to us to make it light. For three days now, I was so sad and I cried so hard. Yet I feel like I don’t have the right to complain, with all what happens in the south area in our country, I should still be thankful of whatever I have now. Thus, I would like to greet you all a Merry Christmas and bountiful New year!

Quotes and Poems

I sometimes search for Cute quotes online, it unwinds me and somehow it could relieve my stress. I am a busy mom and I need some quotations to make me going especially when I feel very very tired. I could even write a poem when I feel so down and depressed, I have done that when I was in college and that too can help me realized that this life is temporary that if you feel like you are neglected today, for sure in the future, you will be loved and pampered.

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The Past

Somebody just gave me this song, it is entitled the past and when I get through with the lyrics, I wonder. Would I really forgive someone who have hurt me so deeply and not only that has given me a mark of his existence?

I was deeply wounded before and there were many songs that I thought was related to me, one of those were “all my life” obviously that was dedicated to the baby inside my womb then, I tell you that was not easy. And secondly was the “I’ll be there for you” I guess some of you know that it was my lullaby to my kids, even my youngest know how to sing that, and she would always protests because the moment I would hum that to her, that means its her schedule for nap time.

I was really astounded when the song entitled the past reflected on me, I guess I can forgive but never will I forget the hurt and the pain that somebody had caused me, he almost ruined my life yet when the baby was born, I know a new beginning will start and would fixed my entire being, I was so lucky to have Mj in my life, even we fought a lot of times, she is always my lucky charm. The past has taught me a lot of lessons that in life, one has to be strong for her to survive. I got a lot of back ups behind me and the first one is always HIM, the one who would always look upon us when we are so down. I always thank HIM for the guidance and the wisdom, and my sisters, my friends who didn’t stop telling me that I can do it; I can surely get the life back that I once had.