Why it is important to shut down your computer?

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It is like you are closing your store or establishment at the end of the day because you are ready to go home, of course you don’t leave your store open, and you don’t want anyone to steal all your belongings right? Computer, laptops and gadgets are in the same position too, it would be the same reason as closing your store because you are ready to sleep or do something else off line. In today’s generation, there are many hackers out there who could get an access to your computer if you leave it open especially if it still online, moreover if your accounts like Facebook, paypal, social medias are still open.

What are the uses of those options when you are ready to turn off your computer?
Shutting off your computer simply means that you are closing all the running programs in your computer, so this basically means you are shutting off your machine.

Rebooting or restarting is simply turning your computer off and turn it back on again, it will help you save information that you have stored in your hard drive. Restarting computer will be recommended if you notice that your computer is running slow or if a certain program freezes on you. Rebooting your phone is always the basic troubleshooting step for a few unexpected issues, restarting your phone can be a quick solution for some problems in your computer

If you just log off your computer, you’re only shutting off your user account only. The computer is still on and it will go back to login screen. Logging off can be used when you are sharing your computer to others and you are expecting someone else will be using it soon. Logging off is a way to restore SJC network drive if you suspecting some unexpected missing especially when after network disruption.

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WiFi Please Be Strong This Weekend

We will have a getaway this coming weekend and you see I am catching up with my blogs so I need to put some update otherwise I will be too behind it again. I wanted to be active again with my work, paying bills, taking good care of the kids is too way impossible but I am trying, believe me I am trying.

So I am hoping that the beach that we will be staying for one night has a WiFi, I mean real WiFi so I can update my blog and can watch my favorite series. Yeah, watching this series, eat my time too but I so like it. It’s witty, so clever and it’s a girl power huh?. You might be interested, they are done with Season 3 and so I am waiting for Season 4, this is highly recommended, the series is title “How to get away with Murder”. How I wish to be like Analise, so clever and the scene is smokin’ hot lol. 

So Camp Holiday, since this will be our first to stay in your hotel as a guest so make your WiFi strong at least so I can work my butt. Hahaha!


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No Directory

If we install a PLDT landline in our home, it will be installed along with a directory. The directory is where you can find phone numbers for establishments. Let’s say you would like to check a certain beach resort the directory can help you find it so you can inquire but now the Directory has been long gone. PLDT won’t provide it anymore as you can find anything in GOOGLE.

Just like me a while ago, I was looking for the phone number of a resort we will be going this coming week, and in just one click in the search engine, phone number would appear in the computer right away. This is what technology brought us in, everything just clickable and I don’t wonder at all if the bills are all paperless meaning to say, you’ll just have to wait the bill in your text message so you will know how much would you pay for the billing period.

I wonder when I clicked some blogs in my blog list they are nowhere to be found too. It appears like “no site can be found” or “please try later”. Where are they?


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Too Extravagant For Office Desk

Whenever we stay long in our office desk, most often than not, our back will strain because we stayed for one position when we are working. Definitely, if you would use this future office desk, strain no more!

But I am sure that if you will use this office desk especially when you adjust it to where you can lie down, there will be no work to finish at all because you are already sleeping. Gosh, I can’t use this, especially I slept so easily. Good luck to my article then.

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