Understanding the Different Types of Life Insurance

While the idea of leaving your loved ones behind after death is an emotional topic, those who are dedicated to ensuring that their families have the resources that they need to maintain their current standard of living often opt to purchase life insurance. Choosing life insurance is much easier for those who understand the different types of insurance available and the costs associated with such coverage.

Term Life Insurance

The most common type of life insurance is term, and this is typically the easiest to get, costs the least and is the simplest to understand. Term life insurance pays only if the policyholder dies within the term of coverage, which is generally available for up to 30 years. There are also two types of this form of life insurance, including level and decreasing term. Level term pays the same amount throughout the life of the policy while decreasing term pays less with each year of the policy’s protection that passes.

Guaranteed acceptance term life insurance is a product that is available to individuals who fall between the ages of 50 and 75 years; often low-cost and for policies that pay a maximum of $25,000, guaranteed term life is a good option for those who are simply trying to help their families cover their final expenses and address any immediate income gaps. Guaranteed term life also does not require applicants to answer prying health questions or undergo a physical examination.

Whole Life Insurance

Also referred to as permanent life insurance, whole life provides the policy holder with coverage throughout the duration of his or her life; this differs from term life insurance because it is available for longer than the preset span of time dictated in the term policy. Whole life insurance is noticeably more expensive than its term counterpart, but certain provisions make it more affordable for the elderly and in certain situations.

Choosing the Best Life Insurance

Selecting between term and whole life insurance depends largely on the policy holder’s needs and available financial resources. Regardless of which type of life insurance that you choose, it should be worth enough to leave your loved ones with money to continue or even improve their current standard of living. Extending your commitment to protect your family beyond the time of your death is one of the best things that you can do for them.

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Download an App Traffic

Don’t you know that you can download an app to check for any possible traffic or to get to the unfamiliar destination? There are many apps out there that you can try, but here’s one that is highly recommended. Try to use waze but when using it, go over your route first then start driving so to get an idea on how to reach to your location beforehand.

In setting your estimated time of arrival, consider any possible queues for parking, the traffic and whether you need to get gas along the way.

Do not use your gadget or your phone when driving. It includes sending and receiving text messages, making phone calls, playing games, watching movies that can distract you when you are driving. Remember it is important to be safe always than risking your life because of these gadgets.


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The Country That Has The Fastest Data Connection

I read one of my friend’s status yesterday and he complained about his internet connection, sucks! I was with that company before and even I got the 3 MBPS it was still so slow. I also tried the internet speed geez it didn’t even reached to 2 MBPS thus, I changed my Internet Provider. This is not too much most of the times it still slow but it is dependable unlike the other one I had.

On the other hand, when we watched the “The Train to Busan” I noticed that even there was already a zombie apocalypse; their Internet/Data was still working so strong. I even told myself this is impossible, I mean it is only a movie so maybe they just exaggerated everything on it. But my niece objected it; she said that Korea has the strongest Internet Connection all over the world. I researched for it and she was right!

The first country is South Korea to have the fast Internet/Data connection.

Followed by Sweden.

Next is Norway

Japan is the 4th 

And then Netherlands.

USA is not even included with the top ten, how much more the Philippines, we are thrown away. We could have done better with data connection, if only our Government was not corrupt or at least they could have researched on what we should do to have a better connection instead of just complaining around with the death of those criminals.

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Our Computer Just Stopped Working

Yeah it stopped working, the windows is not responding appropriately that it crashed the window down. I decided to send it to the store where I bought the laptop how many years ago. When we went there, we ask the staff how much is the repair fee, I was surprised because it is so expensive. Good thing, my niece was with me and she suggested doing it by herself. When we went home, she said she could not do it but her friend can, she told me the repair fee is not that much and we will be sure though that her friend will take good care of it.

My niece sent it to his friend a day after her final interview, they met in the mall but too bad she can’t bring it back that night because her friend needs to clean the ram, and the fan to ensure the maintenance of the laptop. He returned the laptop back to us the next day. He asked a little additional for it which it is still good for me, it is worth it with what he did in our laptop because right now everything went well already. The keyboard doesn’t jump when we type and the windows error is deleted. I couldn’t be happier! I am contented with the outcome of the repair; he seemed like a pro for me at all.


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