Photobucket 500

I was so surprised one day when view my blogs, pictures were nowhere to be found. I even asked my hosting provider if that is something to do with them but she said it’s not; it could be the photobucket itself. I tried to wait for days, I thought there is just something wrong with the site the reason why it got busted but nope the site is really obliging us to pay for the pictures we posted on their site for the whole year and you know how much? I heard it was roughly 400 bucks. I was shocked, I could not pay that much, I mean not now that I am not working at all. So I tried to check some ways so I can retrieve all the pictures and I was able to find a way.

Yes, first thing you should do is to download all the pictures, and it should be right now, because you might not be able to view all the pictures again and thus you will have no any chance to insert the pictures back in your blog.

I know to those who are depending in photobucket for the codes are worried. I mean that was at least I felt when I found out that photobucket could not help us anymore, but I guess when you are trying so hard to find a way, you can find a solution and I will share it with you guys for my next post. So watch out for it.


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