Keys Are Not Functioning Again

My laptop is busted again, last week when I got home from work I noticed that  the number 2 key, the arrow back button and the control c is not working properly again. I remembered this is the same problem I had before that resulted to change the keyboard and reprogram the whole computer. It was not easy to the pocket but I have to have it repaired so I can do my task online, just  like now.

I tried rebooting the laptop, scanning it but I am still having the same problem. Upon observing it, it lags very much. It took a while for me to open any website. I need a rescue and my husband tried to help me but it still didn’t work.

Last night when my sister is preparing to go home. I asked her if she knows someone since the one who repaired my laptop before is not available. She said yes, she brought my laptop  last night. Good thing her daughter let me to borrow hers so I can finish the OFFER.

So here I am now, trying to make everything done. I need to accomplish it all because I will be busy again for the next few days.

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Our Computer Just Stopped Working

Yeah it stopped working, the windows is not responding appropriately that it crashed the window down. I decided to send it to the store where I bought the laptop how many years ago. When we went there, we ask the staff how much is the repair fee, I was surprised because it is so expensive. Good thing, my niece was with me and she suggested doing it by herself. When we went home, she said she could not do it but her friend can, she told me the repair fee is not that much and we will be sure though that her friend will take good care of it.

My niece sent it to his friend a day after her final interview, they met in the mall but too bad she can’t bring it back that night because her friend needs to clean the ram, and the fan to ensure the maintenance of the laptop. He returned the laptop back to us the next day. He asked a little additional for it which it is still good for me, it is worth it with what he did in our laptop because right now everything went well already. The keyboard doesn’t jump when we type and the windows error is deleted. I couldn’t be happier! I am contented with the outcome of the repair; he seemed like a pro for me at all.


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