The Use Of My Enclosure

The connector for my external hard drive is not available anymore, the connector has 5 pins and they said that 5 pins for an external hard drive is phase out already. It has been years already that I was looking for this connector but I always received a no answer. I can’t give up my external hard drive I have so many pictures from before that I saved there so I am waiting for an option to at least open it. And just last month, a staff just provided me a choice and that is to purchase an Enclosure.

What is Enclosure?

An Enclosure is a case for the internal hard drive if you want to take it out. The connector is perfect and it’s only P235.00 it is the correct option, I don’t care at all if I could not use the case, I could just throw it away since I don’t have plans to remove the internal hard drive from my laptop but if you have an old model external hard drive and the connector is busted, you may want to buy an enclosure to save your old external hard drive.


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How Useful The Hard Drive Is?

When I had my first laptop given to me by my fiancé now my husband, he provided me an external hard drive to store our pictures and files. I didn’t look for an external hard drive for myself since I thought that the laptop can be enough for my pictures and or files. But my husband expected enough so he bought one for me. He knows very well that the memory of my laptop alone could not carry all the loads that I’ll be storing.

I was okay with the single 2.5 USB powered drive; this is for no voluminous storage capacity. On the other note if you need it permanently then an external hard drive would be necessary. Mine has the slim one but there are external hard drives that has cooling fan and more bulky this is for large files.

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Transfering Some Of My Files

My external hard drive is almost full, now I am starting to delete old files. But every time I am deleting files, I always feel regret because I valued every pictures and now I am just throwing it in the recycle bin. But I have to utilized the space of my external hard drive, I have to be very diligent of what files should I saved there. Until I realized I have an account in Shutterfly, they have unlimited space, and you can just set it to private. That means no one can see your pictures except yourself. So I logged in and starting now to transfer some of my pictures to this site, I still had my old files in my Shutterfly and I realized it has been so long that I’d been a member for this website.

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