If Mobile Data Won’t Work

Not setting appropriately the date and time of your phone, it will not only affect the text message but as well as the Mobile Data connection.

I am not a techie savvy but being a technical support, everything is always an everyday learning. You see if the date and time is not set up correctly, you may thought that you didn’t receive your text message oh well, think twice because you received it, it is just that either it was all the way to the bottom or all the way to the top. But most of the time we don’t have patience to check it; we always need someone to repair it right away. But have you realized the text message is just there waiting for you to open it or waiting for you to set up the date and time of your phone.

When the date and time is not set up, your mobile data will not work even if your mobile data is on. Most of the time, it will appear offline in your end.

You freak out, and you blame someone else while in fact there is no one to be blame because you just have to set up the date and time, the thing is that you are so impatient to explore your phone just everybody else, just like me.

Good thing I have kids ready to help me if I need to set up something in my phone. I always leave it to my eldest daughter, Faith is trying to catch up but I guess she’s a gamer and she would panic when the Ipad is not working at all. Let loose enjoy the fun, don’t make the gadget ruin your Summer. So when you noticed that you don’t have Mobile Data, relax and chill, check your date and time and the status of your Mobile Data.


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The Country That Has The Fastest Data Connection

I read one of my friend’s status yesterday and he complained about his internet connection, sucks! I was with that company before and even I got the 3 MBPS it was still so slow. I also tried the internet speed geez it didn’t even reached to 2 MBPS thus, I changed my Internet Provider. This is not too much most of the times it still slow but it is dependable unlike the other one I had.

On the other hand, when we watched the “The Train to Busan” I noticed that even there was already a zombie apocalypse; their Internet/Data was still working so strong. I even told myself this is impossible, I mean it is only a movie so maybe they just exaggerated everything on it. But my niece objected it; she said that Korea has the strongest Internet Connection all over the world. I researched for it and she was right!

The first country is South Korea to have the fast Internet/Data connection.

Followed by Sweden.

Next is Norway

Japan is the 4th 

And then Netherlands.

USA is not even included with the top ten, how much more the Philippines, we are thrown away. We could have done better with data connection, if only our Government was not corrupt or at least they could have researched on what we should do to have a better connection instead of just complaining around with the death of those criminals.

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Free Telpad And Upgrade Internet Connection

 photo telpad_zps1b51e99a.png

The other day, a call center agent from PLDT called me over the phone and said that I am qualified to have a free TELPAD. They just have to upgrade my Internet to have a faster connection and of course if there’s an upgrade they should also add a P500.00 to my bill every month. I was really almost getting it, I mean the Telpad is very tempting but I am having doubts. I mean you can find an Android for lesser price, I guess there’s only P4, 000.00 available in store. In short I did not get it; I declined the offer although they said that they can upgrade my Internet connection real fast and over the phone and the telpad will be delivered 2 or 3 business days. Did I make a right decision; I don’t know I hope I did not slip an opportunity away.

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Restoring My Router

Last night, when I realized that my niece would sleep late once again, I immediately turn the router off not knowing I will be having problem the next day. When I woke up this morning, when I hooked the chord of my router to my computer, it didn’t work out fine. So what I did, I just gave it a rest and hooked the chord of my modem instead. We went out, without minding of my router at all, but when we went back at home, my sister wanted to use the computer but she could not get the Internet connection because I hooked the chord of the router to my computer when we went out that morning, I didn’t know it still didn’t connect. So I tried and tried to hook it but later it said it was unplugged although I already plugged all the chords. It took me hours to figure out what’s the problem, I almost give up but I can’t because the router is new. I reset it instead and waited for an hour again to restore the connection, I was so tired, I wasn’t even cooked dinner for the kids, but thank GOD  my niece did.

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