Contemplating On Subscribing Or Not

My schedule is so hectic, the reason why there are times that I don’t have enough time to do my online task that I always ended up backdating but believe me I am trying. There are times that I don’t get enough sleep because after work I need to run my errand and when I get home, I have to send my kids to Kumon that I have to wait for 2 hours until they finish their session. I would sometimes used my free time doing some grocery shopping or paying bills, sometimes I will use it to sleep in the corner of the waiting area. Thus, I was thinking to subscribe a USB broadband from SkyCable in that way if I need to wait, I can use my time to update my blogs especially now that I am planning for Faith to have a proper training for swimming. Her sister won’t go back anymore since she will be in Senior High and for sure she will get too busy with her school, not to mention that we are thinking to take her strand which is STEM.  Moreover, if Faith will have proper training, I am sure that it will eat up my time for sleeping, so I need to use my time wisely, should I get a USB broadband from SkyCable or not? Still checking though. 

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What’s Going On PLDT?

I am just so pissed off with PLDT. Last night all so sudden our Internet is cut off. I thought that they just have some technical issues but to my surprised when my niece and daughter called the customer service, they have  sign me up for upgrade and they said that my 50 gig is already over and the only way to have it connected is to buy a booster. I was still outside when I learn the news from my niece. I told her to call them back and tell them that I did not subscribe anything, my niece then told me I should be the one complain because they won’t entertain them.

And so when I arrived, I called them right away. I have to wait yet from 30 minutes for them to pick up the god damn phone. I asked for supervisor right away, the agent tried to de-escalate so I gave way. I told her that I did not confirm anything; she asked me if I know Erlinda, I told her there is no Erlinda living here. So she said they will revert the plan and I’ll just have to wait for someone to call me within the day or so to put back my plan to its original. I feel hopeful; I mean I am positive that my Internet will be back tonight.


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