Half Alien Half Human

Faith was showing me these series the other day and the next time I know I am already hooked up with it. I supposed to watch it with her but when the series goes further, there are kissing scene that she should not be seeing so she was always put to bed. On the other hand you might wanna know these series that I was hooked up that I just finished today. It is the Roswell.

Roswell is about the 3 teenagers who were half human half alien, they had been discreet about their secret so they could not use their power in public until one day when there was a commotion at the fast food center that they went to, Max healed one of the waitress whose name is Liz, Max had a crush on Liz for a long time now that when he saw that she had been shot, he did not hesitate to go to her and healed her. Liz was supposedly die on that day but since he healed her, there was no wound found on her stomach that everyone appalled of what happened, especially to those who witnessed that Liz was shot dead, I mean supposedly dead. Their journey began when Liz is questioning Max who and what they are.

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Hey I Got A Pink USB!

I bought a USB drive last summer since we were into watching movie, bought it in one of the computer shop in the mall. We saved numbers of movies in that USB drive but one day it was gone. And I never saw it again. I thought I can still be able to find it since it was just lost at home but to my surprised it didn’t show up at all.

My niece is into downloading movies again, and she downloaded interesting movies and I can’t get comfortable to watch here in the computer, the audio is not great and the screen is so small. I preferred watching it in the TV. So recently I decided to buy again another USB, and this time I’ll make sure that it will be keep inside my bag so I will not lost again. I am afraid to lose it, I am afraid I will be wasting another bucks because I lost it.

 photo 14212628_10209888506025409_1241088366217035344_n.jpg

And look what color I got, it’s pink!

Recently I just watched “Before I Wake” with this USB I bought. Yeah I save lot of bucks from watching movie in Cinema because I will be able to watch it here with my little USB.

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Got The Ticket Online And Watched Movie For Free

I got the free ticket yesterday from SM. I registered it online and later they sent me the confirmation code and that’s it.  The movie that I choose was “Stolen” and I just watched it today. I supposed to be with a friend but she was not able to make it. So I end up watching the movie alone, the story is about a guy who stole 10 million in a bank and was caught, he spent 8 years in the prison bar. When he went out, his partner revenges him because of what he did to him 8 years ago. Will, shoot his partner because he wanted to kill a person who saw their faces when they robbed a bank. While he drag his partner to their getaway car, Will has to go back to get the bag of money but he got caught. When Will was freed, Vincent revenge by kidnapping Will’s daughter, he thought that Will still has the money and kept it somewhere and he wanted Will to deliver him, his share. Will could not get him the money because he burned it before he got caught and put to the prison bar. Here’s the trailer of the movie:

What I noticed of the cinema today was that it doesn’t have the sound effects; it was like you are watching a movie in your local TV. It was not even have the Dolby or Digital sounds or something? Anyway maybe they are just cross cutting since the move was for free on the other hand; I had a fun time watching the movie alone.

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I am definitely waiting for this:

I think I will begin my countdown now from now on, what do you think?

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