DVI Cable And A Perfect Photo Bomber

So we bought some cables and cords for the desktop already but when hooked all the cables from monitor to CPU to the AVR to the main plug, an error suddenly showed in the screen. It said “No Cable Signal Found”. My other niece tried it again and she said it might be the VGA cable, it may be damaged or something, so we went back to the Computer World shop and have it checked if it is really not functioning but it worked at the shop so definitely it is not the VGA cable we have problem about, the technician from the shop said it might be the Mother Board of the computer.

I asked then Mariel to have her boyfriend come to the house, so he can check what is really the problem, I was then sleeping when he arrived to the house. Later when I got up they are not there anymore but my daughter said we need to buy DVI cable for it to work. So today, we will go to check at the Computer World again to check if they have DVI cable available since when Mariel went to the computer shops in the mall, DVI is not available. I hope that we can find one so we can start using the desktop already.

On the other hand, since we were running late going to Kumon last Saturday, we took a taxi cab instead to get there. Mj and Faith had a good time taking some pictures and obviously, I wasn’t prepared, so this picture below was a perfect picture for them and perfect photo bomber too. They laugh so hard, after they found out that I was caught in the camera when they were doing the selfie. Silly!

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5 Tips for Springtime Photography

Even if you dream of becoming a rockstar photographer, you should get experience with a variety of subjects and shooting techniques. Here are a handful of springtime photography tips to make the most of this gorgeous season.

1. When shooting bluebells, don’t try to fit in the trees or other nearby objects. If you do, the bluebells will disappear into the surroundings instead of being the focus of the shot.

2. Photograph crops on a windy day. Use a fast shutter speed to make sure you don’t get any blur.

3. Make a landscape photo more interesting by incorporating a cool building, like a windmill, lighthouse, or castle.

4. Don’t be dissuaded by a cloudy day. Moody clouds can make a picture more dramatic than an empty sky could. Wait a few minutes for the sun to sneak through so that you can use the natural lighting.

5. Play with black and white photography during the spring. Sure, most springtime images will be brightly, boldly colored, but monochromatic shots let you view the warm season in a new way. You can either shoot in black and white or convert an image to grayscale after shooting in color.

Even if flowers and sunshine aren’t part of your primary niche, there’s nothing wrong with trying new types of photography and expanding your portfolio.

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