My Poem For The New LOB

Why do you need to go away?

Why can’t you stay?

We’d been together for long years

I even lent you my ears

But why it seems like it is not enough

Even though I shared you my laugh

I helped you with all my heart

Putting words into art

Yet, you still want to say bye

I know the reasons are lie

But even if you turn your back on us

I know you will go back

You just need to be enlighten

That with us, it is unlimited everything.



This is what I came up with our new LOB. I am still with my current account but we were transferred to a new LOB. This account is very challenging; I can’t seem to have any back up whenever the caller wanted to cancel. But I know I will be able to familiarize everything, I just need to have a very particular game plan.

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