Maintaining a Comfortable Home for Disabled Elderly Parents

Caring for disabled elderly parents can be hard at times, especially when care requires that many changes be made to the home and family’s schedule. From special furniture to allow parents to complete daily tasks more easily, to drastic changes in the home’s structure, it is a true labor of love. The level of accommodation varies heavily, and is determined by the individual’s ability to get around. For example, a parent with some mild arthritis will get around much more easily than one who is confined to a wheelchair. With a few changes to the home, caring for dependent parents can be made much easier.

Furniture and Accessories to Improve Independence

For the elderly who simply need a helping hand, a variety of useful tools, accessories, and furniture could potentially allow them to be independent. Shower chairs, for example, give a person somewhere safe to sit while bathing and reduce the risk of falls. This will help them in and out of the shower, as well. Safety bars mounted beside a toilet help with sitting down and standing up when the individual needs a restroom break. Special door knobs, appliances with large knobs and buttons, and lowered coat hooks can all help cater to arthritic joints or a limited range of motion. These are just a few examples of items that can help the elderly to maintain independence.

Placing Needed Items in Convenient Places

For some, simply getting into cabinets that are too high or low can be a seemingly impossible task. Hygiene items, frequently used foods and condiments, beloved books or games, frequently worn clothing or accessories, and toiletries should all be placed where they are easily accessed. For things that are used perhaps monthly, they should be moved to upper and lower areas, or they should be moved to the far back of a cabinet. When needed, these items can be accessed by a family member rather than the disabled parent.

Accessibility for Wheelchairs

For some, being restricted to a wheelchair brings about the need for an entirely different type of accommodations. Wheelchair accessible vehicles may be required in order to transport the parent to appointments, grocery stores, and social outings. A wheelchair accessible ramp may also be necessary if the home has more than just a few stairs leading to the main entryway. These features can allow those in wheelchairs to get around fairly independently, with the exception of operating lift systems in order to get in and out of accessible vehicles.

For many, care facilities and assisted living homes just aren’t the right option for their parents. Instead, they are opening their homes and arms to them. The changes are challenging but welcome, as they pave the way to a loving, nurturing home for older parents.

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Software For Our Medical Records

As we get older, we have to start planning for our older years.  My hope is that our daughters will be able to care for us or that we will be healthy enough to live on our own.  Get old is not something we really want to think about, but we must.  If the time comes where we will need an assisted living center, we want one that really lets our doctors and the caregivers at the place we choose to have access to our medical records something that software from allows. We want to have a good quality of life in our old age, don’t you?

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