Not At All

First and foremost, it’s not that easy as it sound if you are working in a call center because I’d been through hell just to reach my goal every month. Yeah, we are only seating overnight but don’t you know that our brain works very hard even over time just to analyze what’s going on to each customer’s account. And when the brain works too hard it produce too much stressed that you may not be able to endure. It gets you a severe headache even you’re reached home to think why you got detractor while you already resolved the problem. Your patience will even be tested when you encounter a customer who chooses not to accept the fact even they already understand but you have to remain calm even if they are already shouted at you. We are useless to the country? How about the huge tax we contributed to the country? Of course you won’t realize it, maybe because you are not contributing even a penny? And mind you I am a mother of two and my husband is too miles away from me but  I never consider being unfaithful, it is not because of the field of work girl, it is all about what you are why you choose to being one. Mind you even with people who are in a higher position could be unfaithful because they choose it or maybe they could not control the lust or whatever it is. So whoever you are, working in a call center is not an easy job at all, you have to work for it every night just to get a hundred percent of  survey from your customer. If you still doubting it then try it yourself, then let’s see.

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All My Blogs Are Up!

It has been almost two weeks that 6 of my blogs are nowhere to be found. I am losing my patience it is because I miss them so much. Good thing that my host provider was able to transfer all my posts under her host, even though I only gave her the files. And good thing I was able to back up my themes oh well except for Mary Anne’s Musings though, I think I got the theme for free, the reason why I wasn’t able to back it up. So My Little Home, Anne’s Sweet Life and Points of View of Travels and Places are all live now. I didn’t post anything new yet since I am adding some plug ins for those blogs. So there, they are now back in business!

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2 Blogs Are Up! Thank GOD!

My two main blogs are up, this one My Daily Mumbles and Sahm’s Dining Diary. I woke up with a message in my messenger at 5 in the morning, an update regarding the blogs that went down for a week already. I was relieved when finally I can see them live but I was so worried because when I opened my blogs, my theme was gone and said there is no way that we can add it, the only thing that my host was able to retrieved is the posts.

I nearly contacted the one who created my theme, it has been a while that I wasn’t able to message her but we are still friends in FB. I am about to message her asking if she still have a copy for the theme when I realized to scan my email first and there I saw the backup copy of the theme for these two blogs. Thank GOD, I could not contain my happiness when I saw all the zip files of my theme. I installed it right away to my blogs.

I already have xml files for the following blogs:

My Little Home

Mary Anne’s Musings

Anne’s Sweet Life

Points of View of Travels and Places

I already contacted the host that I will be transferring these blogs to; hopefully she will reply the soonest possible time so I can work these things out before I will go to work tomorrow.

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Updating My Resume

I am updating my resume right now; I will be submitting it to our HR office for a position in the office. I am crossing my fingers that I will be accepted. This kind of position does not require taking calls although I believe there are only numbers of calls that you will be taking every month but it’s not full time because you will also going to perform your task for that position. I will not be disclosing it now but I will soon after the interview. I heard the interview will be tonight and I am getting nervous already. Oh well, if I will not be accepted, it is okay though, at least I experience being interviewed for a higher position. If in case I will not be accepted, at least I know what to do next time. But I am hoping and praying that they will accept for that position, it’s not that I am not enjoying taking calls anymore but I wanted to step forward, I’d been here on this field for quiet sometime now and with my age I want to try to move forward and be the best that I can be. I hope they will accept me.

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