When Getting An NBI Clearance

I just got my NBI clearance earlier; totally I was confused with the whole process at first. I thought that you will just have to go online, which I didn’t do and then that’s it. There’s a computer for the people who would like to get the tracking number online for NBI and I went there, right away they told me, my appointment is on August 1 yet. So I asked them I needed to get the clearance now, they informed me about the package in which I can process and get the clearance within the day. Since I don’t like to hassle myself I just grabbed it. I paid P 180. 00 to them.

But then I could have pay it lesser than that. If you want to get an NBI clearance online just go to this website https://nbi-clearance.com/ after you fill in everything. Pay for it in the NBI or any payment padala, you can pay in LBC, Cebuanna Lhullier or banks. After that go to the NBI agency for a picture taking, and then that’s it. It’s actually up to you if you want to have an appointment or not. In my case, since I was hit I will be back after 10 business days.

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I Was In Heaven

I was about to go out this morning to send Faith to school that I received a message from my friend Jan saying my favorite celebrities greeted me online. But I can’t open it right away since Faith and I were in a hurry for school. I told my friend I will be opening it when I get home. I can’t wait for it to hear them mentioning my name online.

When I got home from grocery, I logged in to my FB right away and listened their jam in Halo Halo station. They were asked so many questions and lastly, the DJ asked them if could greet my friend Algean, they were able to just mention his family name but mine was oh so complete. They even mentioned my name for so many times, they told me to always take care of myself and I felt so much in heaven. I will be sharing to you the video soon.


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It Was A Communication Rocket From China

Just this month, some people in Isabela were able to witness a white image from sky. At first it looks like a comet but it soars high so they thought it is a UFO. The white image took a while in the sky; many were able to see it. Some were freaking out already because they said if you will be able to see unidentified object in the sky, it means there will be calamity that will come, in which after a week an earthquake happened in Cebu, Ormoc. They showed the video in Pag asa, they found out that the image was a communication rocket from China. Check the whole story below:

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Nice Selection

Our oldest daughter wants to transition from an acoustic to an electric guitar.  Well along with selecting an electric guitar for her we are going to have to get her an amplifier.  I know that you can have a nice selection of vox amps at musiciansfriend.com that would work very nicely for her.  As she continues to progress with her musical endeavors, we want to give her what she needs to help her succeed.  She has shown significant improvement between her first recital and her latest.  Now if only we can work on her singing, we may end up with a real performer.

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