The Use Of My Enclosure

The connector for my external hard drive is not available anymore, the connector has 5 pins and they said that 5 pins for an external hard drive is phase out already. It has been years already that I was looking for this connector but I always received a no answer. I can’t give up my external hard drive I have so many pictures from before that I saved there so I am waiting for an option to at least open it. And just last month, a staff just provided me a choice and that is to purchase an Enclosure.

What is Enclosure?

An Enclosure is a case for the internal hard drive if you want to take it out. The connector is perfect and it’s only P235.00 it is the correct option, I don’t care at all if I could not use the case, I could just throw it away since I don’t have plans to remove the internal hard drive from my laptop but if you have an old model external hard drive and the connector is busted, you may want to buy an enclosure to save your old external hard drive.


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Wrong Headset

Recently I applied for an online teaching job, my initial interview was last Monday and I passed so they did a technical check of my internet connection on Tuesday, it took a while since my ISP is very slow. Good thing they let it pass, now it is my orientation but they required me to get long microphone the one I got is only short. I bought it last Tuesday now I think I have to buy again another one, I know it was such a waste money but I didn’t know that they required a long microphone so I just bought whatever is available.

How I wish I still can return the headset.

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Embedding The Code From Facebook

My photobucket pictures were nowhere to be found. You see I have 3 kinds of log in for photobucket but my first photobucket log in is not functioning at all. When I checked the pictures from this log in, it would say pictures were deleted and it affected one of my blog. If you noticed the Mary Anne’s Musings has a new template because the header is not restoring even though I already put another code to it.

I was devastated and yet I have to move forward, I slept late just to put my blog up and running. I only slept for 2 hours that night because I need to work right after. I could not trust the photobucket anymore and yet I need it, in case I have to put pictures in my blog. I needed the code for the image to show up.

Recently, I figured out that I can embed the code of the picture from Facebook to my blog. You might want to refer what I am talking about to this link Little World of Fun, You possibly view the picture. The source of the code is not from photobucket anymore but from the Facebook. All you need to do is click the option of the picture you want to post in your blog and then click the Embed and that’s it.


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Laptop Was Out Again

My laptop stopped working on December one day and no matter how hard we tried to back things up it just didn’t work. Faith was the last one who used the computer and after that the windows will not turn on. Faith tried to explain everything and I am sure Mariel’s  friend understood it since he was able to fix the computer after a day.

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