2 Blogs Are Up! Thank GOD!

My two main blogs are up, this one My Daily Mumbles and Sahm’s Dining Diary. I woke up with a message in my messenger at 5 in the morning, an update regarding the blogs that went down for a week already. I was relieved when finally I can see them live but I was so worried because when I opened my blogs, my theme was gone and said there is no way that we can add it, the only thing that my host was able to retrieved is the posts.

I nearly contacted the one who created my theme, it has been a while that I wasn’t able to message her but we are still friends in FB. I am about to message her asking if she still have a copy for the theme when I realized to scan my email first and there I saw the backup copy of the theme for these two blogs. Thank GOD, I could not contain my happiness when I saw all the zip files of my theme. I installed it right away to my blogs.

I already have xml files for the following blogs:

My Little Home

Mary Anne’s Musings

Anne’s Sweet Life

Points of View of Travels and Places

I already contacted the host that I will be transferring these blogs to; hopefully she will reply the soonest possible time so I can work these things out before I will go to work tomorrow.

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Updating My Resume

I am updating my resume right now; I will be submitting it to our HR office for a position in the office. I am crossing my fingers that I will be accepted. This kind of position does not require taking calls although I believe there are only numbers of calls that you will be taking every month but it’s not full time because you will also going to perform your task for that position. I will not be disclosing it now but I will soon after the interview. I heard the interview will be tonight and I am getting nervous already. Oh well, if I will not be accepted, it is okay though, at least I experience being interviewed for a higher position. If in case I will not be accepted, at least I know what to do next time. But I am hoping and praying that they will accept for that position, it’s not that I am not enjoying taking calls anymore but I wanted to step forward, I’d been here on this field for quiet sometime now and with my age I want to try to move forward and be the best that I can be. I hope they will accept me.

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Pikachu and Gyaradus In Pokemon World

My sister did not get home early; she told me that she will meet her daughter in the mall to pay their bills. But afternoon came she still did not arrive and I have to go out at 3:00 in the afternoon because we have a team dinner for free. I dragged Faith with me when my sister did not reply at all.  I decided to bring her in the team dinner but we went to the mall first, I bought a bag for her for her books, yeah I realized she needs it because whenever we go out of the house, she oftentimes brought her books with her and she doesn’t have any small bags to put her books into. We are on our way to the counter to pay for her bag when she passed by in toy area, she saw some Pokémon characters that really so enticing to her. It looks like figurines but they are toys she said that it needs to be recognized in the toy link, which I tried a while ago and that’s it, really nothing happens at all. So I guess these are only for displays. Oh she corrected me that it’s for collections and for displays is too way different. So I said okay!

Gyarados is water and flying Pokémon, it is vulnerable in electric and rock moves. Gyarados is known for its temper, it cause destruction and it will not stop until around it is destroyed. Pikachu which has the yellow color, this design was conceived by Atsuku Nishida, Pikachu is the central character in the Pokémon anime series. The idea of the name came derived from a mouse like Pika, it was a combination of two Japanese sounds Pika an electric sparks then Chu a sound mouse makes.

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Watched The Revengers, an Entry For MMFF

So I watched the Revenger Squad, I don’t have plans but my friend at work invited us in yesterday since it was our off. I tagged my daughter along with me, I want to laugh at least or unwind. The movie is okay, okay means just okay, okay. I don’t know it is just the joke is so predictable, maybe we already know how Vice Ganda, makes a transition. The best comedy that I watched of Vice Ganda was the first one, Petrang Kabayo and the Private Benjamin part 1. I was also had a good laugh with Beauty and the Bestie, it is not because of the “team real love team” but the whole of it.

Moving forward with his movie now, I had a good laugh with the bloopers. I mean like when I laugh of the scene it was nonstop at all. I wanna try with the other entries I think I will enjoy the “Deadma Walking”.

8 Entries in MMFF


Deadma Walking

Revengers Squad

Haunted Forest

Ang Panday

Meant To Beh

Ang Larawan

On the other hand, here’s the winner during the MMFF awards night:

Best Actress: Joanna Ampil for Ang Larawan

Best Actor: Derek Ramsay for All of You

Best Picture: Ang Larawan

2nd Best Picture: Siargao

3rd Best Picture: All of You

Best Supporting Actress: Jasmine Curtis for Siargao

Best Supporting Actor: Edgar Allan Guzman for Deadma Walking

Best Director: Paul Soriano for Siargao

Best Child Performer: Bae by Baste for Meant to Beh

Best Sound: Siargao

Best Musical Score: Ang Larawan

Best Original Theme Song: Siargao

Best Visual Effects: Ang Panday

Best Production Design: Ang Larawan

Best Full-Length Film – People’s Choice Award: “Gandarrapiddo: The Revenger Squad”

Best Editing: “Siargao”

Best Cinematography: “Siargao”

Best Screenplay: “All of You”

Best Visual Effects: “Ang Panday”

Best Production Design: “Ang Larawan”

Children’s Choice: “Ang Panday”

FPJ Memorial Award: “Ang Panday”

Gatpuno J. Villegas Cultural Award: “Ang Larawan”

Special Jury Prize:

Nick Joaquin (“Portrait of the Artist as Filipino”)

Rodel Nacianceno a.k.a. Coco Martin

Short Film – People’s Choice Award – “Noel”

Short Film – Best Picture – “Anong Nangyari kay Nicanor Dante?”

Best Float: “Deadma Walking”


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