The Country That Has The Fastest Data Connection

I read one of my friend’s status yesterday and he complained about his internet connection, sucks! I was with that company before and even I got the 3 MBPS it was still so slow. I also tried the internet speed geez it didn’t even reached to 2 MBPS thus, I changed my Internet Provider. This is not too much most of the times it still slow but it is dependable unlike the other one I had.

On the other hand, when we watched the “The Train to Busan” I noticed that even there was already a zombie apocalypse; their Internet/Data was still working so strong. I even told myself this is impossible, I mean it is only a movie so maybe they just exaggerated everything on it. But my niece objected it; she said that Korea has the strongest Internet Connection all over the world. I researched for it and she was right!

The first country is South Korea to have the fast Internet/Data connection.

Followed by Sweden.

Next is Norway

Japan is the 4th 

And then Netherlands.

USA is not even included with the top ten, how much more the Philippines, we are thrown away. We could have done better with data connection, if only our Government was not corrupt or at least they could have researched on what we should do to have a better connection instead of just complaining around with the death of those criminals.

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Basti For The Win

I was not able to watch Till I Met you of two consecutive episodes and since it’s my off today I grabbed the chance to watch it in Iwantv. And there I learned that Basti rolled by James Reid needs your like and share to win the video contest. He featured Iris rolled by Nadine his wife entitled My Love Letter To You, this was their wedding video, he created this video to show his love and care to his wife, he want to show the world how much he truly cares his wife. Please like the video so Basti can win. Go to

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High-energy dance competitions filled with glitz and glamour

For fans of high-energy energy dance competitions filled with glitz and glamour (and not without its drama) in a reality television show format, viewers who haven’t yet seen Strictly Come Dancing must certainly make a point of doing so.

Strictly Come Dancing (or more commonly, Strictly) is a BBC television reality show that features celebrities dancing with professional dancers in a dance competition featuring Ballroom, Latin, and other featured dances.

The show’s basic premise is this: couples dance to a given musical number, and are judged by four judges (Craig Revel Horwood, Bruno Tonioli, Darcey Bussell, and Len Goodman), who score performances on a 1-10 point scale. Based on the judges’ scores, along with live viewer votes, the lowest scoring couple each week is eliminated from the competition. The season culminates in a magnificent two-hour season finale, where three couples square off to ultimately determine who is crowned that season’s champion. The show’s current presenters (hosts) are Tess Daly and Claudia Winkelman.

American viewers who liken this show to the U.S. show Dancing With The Stars have good reason for doing so, as Dancing With The Stars is what is termed an international version of Strictly. Those who may see Strictly for the first time may be under the misconception that Strictly is some sort of Dancing “knock-off”, when indeed Strictly started it all.

Since 15 May 2004, Strictly has run on BBC One. It has primarily aired on Saturday nights, with a Sunday night results show following it up that week.

Viewers of the show can be thoroughly entertained by the very wide and diverse dance varieties featured on the programme since its first season. These dances (which last for approximately 90 seconds on the show) have included: The Waltz, Cha-Cha, Quickstep, Rumba, Jive, Foxtrot, Paso Doble, Samba, American Smooth, Argentine Tango, Charleston, Rock N’ Roll, Lindyhop, Swing-a-thon, Dance Fusion, Waltz-a-thon, Quickstep-a-thon, and Showdance, which has been the second dance performed in the final since Series 8.

Outside of the normal weekly broadcasts, the show has broadcast Christmas specials each year since 2004. They broadcast a one-off Strictly Ice Dancing episode in 2004; one Strictly African Dancing episode in 2005; a one-off special for Sport Relief in 2008; an underwater special for Sport Relief 2012; a Paralympians special for Sport Relief 2014; and one-off specials for Children in Need in 2008, 2010, and 2012-2016.

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Fingerprint Scanner For Smartphones

When you are so anxious if your phone is secured or not then try the fingerprint scanner cellphones, passwords can be hacked especially with kids at home, even how techie or how complicated your password is, they can detect it without any effort at all, kids nowadays are very smart and so quick whenever they want to find something. If you won’t put password pattern in your phone, then your phone is more exposed and anyone can just check your activity in your phone without you knowing it. Smartphones manufacturer are always and already aware what their customers top most concern and that is to have the phone more secure. So they offered fingerprint scanner. The first company that offered this kind of feature is the Motorola. Then Iphones followed Motorola, adding the fingerprint flagship. Iphone 5s is the one that possess the feature but instead of labeling it as fingerprint scanner they name is as Touch ID. HTC also introduced the same kind of feature they launch One Max after a month of Iphone releasing their fingerprint scanner. But touch ID got the market so HTC was left behind; they were not able to deliver an accurate and reliable scanner at that time. Many expected that Samsung will follow the soonest but then it got silent about it until 2014. Samsung was able to hit the new model big time because they boasted the fingerprint scanner. Iphone and Samsung then got compared; later on Iphone was able to prove that they have the best finger print sensor.

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