How to Incorporate Healthier Foods into Your Child’s Diet

No matter what you do, it always seems like kids are stuck on chicken nuggets and French fries for every meal. While you can be glad that they are eating at all, you should also encourage them to eat healthier foods throughout the day. Here are a few ways you can incorporate healthier fare into your child’s diet.

Keep a Schedule for Meals and Snacks

Plan your day around meals and snacks. Kids on a schedule have routine hunger habits, so they will usually eat what you put in front of them to avoid hunger pangs. If you start early with healthy meals, kids will know what to expect when you fix breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Plus, you can keep only healthy snacks on hand for whenever they get hungry between meals.

Sit Down to Delicious, Home-Cooked, Healthy Dinners Together

When you eat as a family, you encourage good, healthy habits through bonding time. Your children will come to appreciate the effort that you put into planning and making delicious, healthy, home-cooked dinners. Plus, family dinners are great times to have conversations about each other’s day.

Teach Kids to Plan Meals and Cook

When you encourage your kids to help out in the kitchen, they get the full experience of the effort it takes to make healthy home-cooked meals. Have them plan a meal for the whole family, go with them to buy the ingredients, and ask them to prep and cook the meal. This is a great exercise for young teens. Stay close by if they need help in the kitchen. If you have multiple children, invest in some custom stickers for your DIY calendar of “cook nights.” Create a different colored sticker for each kid, then alternate nights based on their weekly activities and preferences. For example, if your oldest is a pasta guru, they can have Spaghetti Thursdays.

“Eat What I Fix or Don’t Eat Anything”

This seems a little harsh, but you’re not the short order cook of your family. You are a well-respected person that deserves admiration for planning and cooking healthy meals for your family. With that said, make sure your kids know that if they don’t eat what you fix, then they don’t eat for that meal at all. If they can’t eat your healthy options, then they aren’t hungry enough for their unhealthy alternatives.

Eating healthy is something that comes from years of good habits, mostly instilled from a young age. To incorporate healthier foods into your child’s diet, follow the above-mentioned advice towards a healthier, well-rounded meal plan for your family. In the long run, your children will appreciate everything you do to ensure they remain happy and healthy.

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Know My Daughter’s Password

Yes, I know my daughter’s password in FB, am I invading her privacy? Nope I am not; I am just monitoring her activities in Facebook. I don’t post shout outs there but I am just looking what does she posted there, is it appropriate or not? I know some teenagers would not understand me, but I am a mother and I know what’s best for my daughter. I am not invading her privacy but more of guiding her of what they called technology era. It is okay to post but you should be responsible enough what you are posting, it is okay to explore the web but don’t go beyond because if you do, it might ruin your entire being and your future. Yes, she is already a teenager but she is still be guided especially when it comes to social media. Please we just love you so much not to mind your activities each day in the net and you must understand that as a mother I know what is right for you.

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