Check Site For Malware

So I have this feeling that somehow my websites are not working as they supposed to. I am afraid that it has something in it.

I searched for a possible malware or Trojans, good thing that we are living now today, everything is just easy access that you don’t have to go in a public library or buy an encyclopedia just to get some answers. I somewhat loving this kind of set up but I somehow hated it too. Everything is just easy access, like everything that even a toddler would know it right away, just one click, one click and viola!

Thus, if Faith would start to turn the computer on, there should be an adult around her to avoid clicking those videos that should not be click. However back to the subject, so I was searching some engine for me to check if my website has some malware infection. I tried the Sahms Dining Diary first, since I have some report that it has and thank GOD, I tried three different site check and there’s none!

So what are these sites?

I tried the

This as well


I tried this too

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Transfering Some Of My Files

My external hard drive is almost full, now I am starting to delete old files. But every time I am deleting files, I always feel regret because I valued every pictures and now I am just throwing it in the recycle bin. But I have to utilized the space of my external hard drive, I have to be very diligent of what files should I saved there. Until I realized I have an account in Shutterfly, they have unlimited space, and you can just set it to private. That means no one can see your pictures except yourself. So I logged in and starting now to transfer some of my pictures to this site, I still had my old files in my Shutterfly and I realized it has been so long that I’d been a member for this website.

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In Choosing A Top Webhost

One of the things about getting your own website is deciding on a website host. You have a lot of options, but to choose a top webhost. You need to look in to things like fees, set up charges and what search engines will list your website. You will also want to know what tools are available to you when it comes to designing your website and what assistance, if any, are available to you.

One thing I always take into consideration when visiting the web is how quickly a web page will display. If it take longer than I think it should or if once it loads it is difficult to navigate, it is unlikely that I will return to that web site. There is nothing more frustrating to me than having a website time out or not load completely. With a top webhost, your page should load quickly and completely.

Make sure you do your homework before you choose a webhost. Whether it is for your blog, your business or just for fun, your web site should operate smoothly and efficiently. Don’t forget to check out your web hosts customer service. If you choose a top webhost, their customer service should be there for you when or if you need them. Good luck with your website. I enjoy mine; I hope you enjoy working with yours.

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