Captcha is not showing up? Here’s the Solution

First off, I have to thank Eric of Blog de Manila for the short notification last night,  my comment was not working properly, the captcha seems cut and he can’t type any word and thus, the comment will not be submitted.
This reminds me of my friend Genny’s problem with her comment box before, [Sanctuary of my Emotions], she asked me for it, but I didn’t have the answer yet. Maybe I was just too lazy at that time to search for a solution, I know somewhere, someone could give us an answer or a procedure on how to make the [embedded below post] comment box works. Yet instead I just set her comment to pop up window and so to lessen the headache and the complication. LOL!
Anyway, since I find the latter settings amazing, I opt to find and search for solution.
So I tried to look for a possible way for the captcha to show up, I tried to edit the HTML, tweaking the comment post something there and yet after like an hour or two,  it still didn’t’ work! I nearly given up but wait a minute, I can’t just slipped this problem away. 
Good thing I found this website, Introblogger, you might want to take a peek if you have the same problem with mine.
For me, I didn’t edit the height since I like the scroll bar more, I guess with his explanation you have to add the scrolling=”auto”, I checked my code, there, I saw the culprit, LOL mine set “no” so I didn’t add the scrolling=”auto” but replaced the no to yes. I never expect it was that easy! Geez!
If you are having a hard time following the codes and such, just comment me here and I will try to help you. CIAO!

6 Responses to “Captcha is not showing up? Here’s the Solution”

  1. kat says:

    wow, may bagong baby ka diay ha! nice Anne…type nako..hehe

  2. jackie says:

    I love Dora… and where's Diego or Dora's best buddy? 🙂

  3. inday_adin says:

    Mommy Anne B. You got a nice new blog. 🙂 Visiting you! Thanks for visiting me as well. I'll save this one on my blog. 🙂

    Adin B

  4. Pinx says:

    i want to put a captcha in my comment form too but i don't where to get it. although, my comment moderation is enabled. thanks by the way for visiting my blog. have a nice day!

    hope you can drop by my other blogs too!

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    These and Those

  5. Josie says:

    Hi Anne, natawa namn ako sa comment mo na nag give-up ung swimming instructor mo, bkit d ka nmn makatawid sa kabiling pool, bka namn 7 or 8 ft yun.. hehehe.. when I was in blogger I just removed the capcha, kc I experienced the same thing.. kindly visit din my new sites and my daughter's will highly appreciated..

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  6. RIZ@sibuyasrepublic says:

    hayz, anne…i sucked at codes, naku nakakawindang tlg…ahahay!!!