Just Beautiful : My Baby

This is my first entry for Just Beautiful and for me, nothing beats the beauty of a new born baby, please excuse me here, I am just a Mom who is so proud of her two beautiful children. Anyway, this is my daughter who was at that time only 2 hours old then, my sister asked my OB to take a picture of my daughter inside the operating room, I guess this time I was already resting from the CS operation.
Here’s my baby, at first they thought she was Japanese LOL.

Indeed, the time flies really fast because my baby whom I used to hold in my arms, is already 3 years old. I can’t help but to reminisce the past when she  wasjust sleeping on her crib and wakes up and drink her 2 oz of milk. Then, after a moment or two she will just give you her sweetest smile. Maybe, she just wanted to say thank you for taking care of her. 

My youngest daughter, I love you baby!

12 Responses to “Just Beautiful : My Baby”

  1. ♥♥ Willa ♥♥ says:

    Ganda ng dimple ni Faith!

  2. Chris says:

    dropped by! 😀 nothing beats the beauty of a newborn! 😀

  3. w0rkingAth0mE says:

    Parang si kyla naalala ko kalong kalong ko pa ngayon 3 na rin sya bilis talaga ng panahon.. Love ko dimple nya ha nice smile .. By the way thank you for adding my 2 blogs here .. Please message me all your blog and i will add it in my blog thanks a lot.

  4. Rossel says:

    she's just beautiful, mommy. pareho pala tayong C-section.

  5. S-H-Y says:

    OMG! your baby is so cute..I hope to have one soon 🙂 Have a nice day!!1

  6. gengen says:

    She looks cute little girl. Happy JB my first.

  7. Wifey10 says:

    yes she is so adorabe and indeed beautiful!

    my entry here

  8. Hazelicious929 says:

    and the baby is now a little girl… Hi anne!

  9. imriz says:

    pwd itu sa nostalgia, anne. pretty ng smile nya, as always.

  10. Fe says:

    ganda ng smile….

  11. Fe says:

    pretty smile talaga niya 🙂

  12. Mommy Trish says:

    the sight of newborn babies are simply beautiful! thanks for joining and sharing, sis! 🙂