Scenic Sunday : Ostrich

Scenic Sunday

This is my entry for Scenic Sunday, and I am looking forward to gain more friends here on this Meme. I am not a pro when it comes of taking some pictures. I don’t have the right equipment as they said and I am just an amateur myself however I would try to take more scenic pictures and show it to the world the beauty that possessed in this country.

The picture below was taken at Malagos Garden restaurant; it is a place where you could see a lot and variety of animals. This Ostrich was I think trying to make a pose for the camera. 

8 Responses to “Scenic Sunday : Ostrich”

  1. Inger-M says:

    I think he's definitely posing for you. Nice pictures!
    Thanks for your visit and comment on my blog 🙂

  2. w0rkingAth0mE says:

    beautiful indeed .. never pa ata ako nakakita nito in real .. thanks for visiting my food blog 🙂

  3. Grace Arreza says:


    Laki ng Ostrich… hanggang saan ka lang kaya sa ostrich ate?

  4. Eden says:

    Great photos of the ostrich.

    Salamat for the visit, Anne. Abi nako ug kinsa nga Anne…hehehe.. btw, nice blog.. thanks sa visit. follow you.

  5. Al says:

    Nice shots. He does look like he's posing for you!

  6. John S. Mead says:

    Welcome to Scenic Sunday thanks for sharing. Love the colors in the bcakground!

  7. Linnea says:

    Nice! The ostrich is such a strange looking animal! I hear they can be kind of mean too! This one looks like it's behaving for you!

  8. ♥♥ Willa ♥♥ says:

    What a gigantic Ostrich!

    sis, invite din kita dito , Weekend Eating.It's not my meme though, just helping to spread the word.:)