Facial Spa

This is what I don’t like every time I go out in the house because I would surely sleep late to update my blog. I don’t know of you, guys but I just can’t take, not to write something here even how tired I am. I am not obligated but I guess this is just my passion to write and to share my ventures and thoughts. I really plan to go out today since I have to pay my contributions but I was not able to do it because I was simply, already late so I just went to the mall instead to eat and have a facial spa. Yeah, it is just nice to be pampered like that out of your busy or lousy day. They took out my black and white heads [ewww] I was unaware that I got many of those. They also discovered some milium in my face and that they said they need to take it out. I asked what it is; they said it is just an excess fat.
I’ve search it here and so I quote:

Milium is formed when dead skin was not shed or cast off but remains and trapped in a round pocket in the surface of the skin.

I thought it doesn’t hurt but she warned me then that it is, well I don’t have any choice since she recommended to really sloughing it off.

Anyway, I feel like my face just had shave because I feel clean and anew. Well, how I wish they can also wiped off my wrinkles just like when you erase something in a paper, I hope they had that so this wrinkles would not be visible anymore in my face.

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