Complicated No More

I was so surprised when one blogger from the past sent me a message from YM; we had been friends for quiet a long time now. But in some reasons we were not able to chat from the day when she decided not to continue her blog. I don’t know what happen, I seldom seen her online maybe she was just too busy with her work and her life offline. Until yesterday, she message me all so sudden, she even asked me if I could still remember her, oh well of course she was one of those friends I knew when I only started blogging. She was also a novice at that time and we always asked each other what to do with our blog to gain more traffic and viewers. We sometimes share some ideas regarding with our task online, when I transferred to the other paid company and was not active with the one that we had before, we slowly got distance, although I tried to reach her through comment to her blog, she would respond at times but one day I could not find her blog anymore, our means of communication was just gone.

But then I could not contain my happiness when she buzzed me yesterday, she told me she already got married and she is pregnant now. Her life is no longer complicated as what the title of her blog before. She is settled and so happy with the one she truly loves. I added her on FB and I hope we can continue to communicate through that networking site. Oh before I forgot I must say congratulations Leah stay safe and always be happy.

One Response to “Complicated No More”

  1. Dhemz says:

    sounds like a good news!