Deleted Posts and Fatal Error

I feel like my world was tumbling down on me when I found out that all my posts were deleted on this blog last night. Mabelle and I tried so hard to trace what happen but we just could not figure out what was going on, good thing I still have my back up files in my computer last March 25, 2011 so we only have to retrieve posts from March 26 up to yesterday. I always thank GOOGLE to cache all my post so that was easy for me to retrieve it all. The only problem that I have was the time because it was already too late and I have to put all the widgets in my sidebar back, pages so on and so forth. Ah you know me I could not wait for tomorrow until the problem was all settled. My lay out was not cooperating also; it didn’t load full time so I have to look for another layout. I tried so many and when I decided not to use it, I didn’t delete it in my plug INS.

This afternoon, I tried to customize the twenty ten but was failed to make it three columns until I found a zip for it. I downloaded it to my computer and activated it but it gave me fatal error 40, my goodness, frustrations, depressions and being tired dawned on me in just one snap of my finger. But I could not just it like that although I could not even get through with my dashboard to delete that file, I still did not give up well almost. Anyway, so I searched what is the fatal error 40 and how to fix it. As I could understand, I maximize the limit of my space with my daily mumbles php. After like how many hours of trying to fix it, finally I did. I deleted that particular theme directly from my admin since I don’t know how to edit htaccess file php_value memory_limit.

So this explains everything why this site was acting weird last night. To those who visit me today, I will make it up to you tonight if I can after I finish updating all my blogs. Thanks!

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4 Responses to “Deleted Posts and Fatal Error”

  1. Hyanne says:

    Mabuti na lang pala Ate Anne may back-up kung hindi, eh so depressing.

  2. Willa says:

    Thank GOD for the back up.Do not worry sis, after a while I’m sure you will get the hang of WordPress. 🙂

    Visiting thru The Bloggers Exchange.

  3. shydub says:

    wow napaka teachy mo na anne, ako walang back up heheh but I am not worried about it kasi i did not do ssome updates lately, im sure walang nawala,

  4. Chie Wilks says:

    aw! that was bad sis..wala ko kavisit diri yesterday kay nabusy. It is good na everything’s ok na with the site.