Sigh, it is so rare this time to see some trees around downtown. Our place has a lot of trees before too but they were gone now, they put some subdivisions along the area. Sometimes I just wonder, have they thought how important the trees are before they cut those down to replace houses or buildings?

The pictures below were taken in the diversion road here in the city. Private vehicles and trucks are mostly the one passes this road to the north, this is at the back of the highway going to downtown.

Diversion Road

See the green green trees?

Beautiful Sight

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15 Responses to “Diversion”

  1. vernz says:

    afraid jud ko diri muaagi gurl… dagko kaayo trailer trucks..lol..

  2. I also hope that our natural resources will be preserve before it goes back to us…

    Visiting you from TBE….

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  3. tejan says:

    oh thats sad! the backgrounds with trees still beautiful:)

  4. mestizas says:

    hope it will give a beautiful results! good day!

  5. Mirage says:

    sadly…it happens quickly…hopefully it won’t be too late. Following you via gfc…thanks for the visit!

  6. Willa says:

    I think you live in a very nice looking city. I hope to visit it someday. 🙂

  7. genny says:

    beautiful nga talaga. so sad polluted na the air we breath. visiting you back…

  8. January says:

    buti na lang may natitira pang bukirin na hindi pa kinalbo ng mga tao.. 🙂

  9. Pinx says:

    i’m glad that i live in the countryside… the air we breathe here’s still fresh… and trees are everywhere! visiting you here via TBE April!

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  10. mommy jes says:

    I can barely see trees like this in MANILA…it’s so beautiful! 😀

    Here’s mine – http://www.jeslising.com/2011/04/just-beautiful-3-me-and-the-flowers/

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  11. Liezl says:

    Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment sis. Dropping by through TBE. The diversion road here in Batangas looks the same as your photos. Hehe. Just beautiful!

  12. shydub says:

    I wish to see this green trees soon

  13. Trish says:

    gusto ko din yung mga ganyang views…mapuno at puro green! thanks for joining JB!