That will not do good anymore

My sister invited me of a pool overnight party the other day but I said no since my daughter has a training to attend to. If some mothers are free when their kids are growing well not me, because I would like to be the one to be there when they have an extra activities outside aside from school.

One mom had asked me if I could still get to see some friends, well yes if they would go to my house for overnight stay or had a dinner outside after Jm’s training but other than that like gimmicks and some other stuff, that is already hard for me to do anymore. She also asked me how I budget my money if I could still save some in the banks. I told her yes, I could buy something for me but that is so rare at all. My money goes to my kids as always.

I sometimes get envious with some Mom who can still go out at night with their friends, but I rather be with my kids at home than go somewhere during night time. One reason why I resigned from work before was to be with my kids when they sleep at night and until now I stick with that thought. I don’t disagree with moms who can have some fun time outside at night because we also need that for ourselves, but when you always run out of budget because of your night outs with your friends that would not be good for you and your family anymore.

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2 Responses to “That will not do good anymore”

  1. Willa says:

    Good for you to sticking with your decision. I agree that going out from time to time is ok,but not to the point of neglecting your kids or suffering financially.

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  2. AC says:

    You’re such a loving and responsible mom… your kids are surely grateful for having a mom like you… never mind those critiques, you know what makes you happy so live it!