It Was All Worth It

I have mentioned to my other blog that we will be watching a movie today, but geez I forgot that I have to pay my rental fee for this house tomorrow. I have messaged the owner yesterday for the delays and that I will just pay her on Monday, she understood actually she did not remind me of my dues, I just tried to recall last week what are the other bills I have to pay and so I remembered the house. I immediately messaged her and told her my reasons why I was late paying her.

So the whole day, me and my kids just stayed home. While the kids were busy playing in the living room, I was also busy here in front of my computer. I wasn’t able to visit some bloggers because I got to change my lay out in my other blogs. Geez, I learned how to change the header too, so yeah even I am tired, it was all worth it.

Happy Blogging everyone!

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4 Responses to “It Was All Worth It”

  1. Bambie ♥ says:

    Hi sis.. ako naman i had a tiring day din because we fetched my sissy in the airport 🙂

    Anyway, i followed this blog 🙂 bago ba to?

  2. Mona says:

    I just changed my header but my niece’s made it ..

  3. loue says:

    hi po..

  4. Dhemz says:

    hehehhe..busy ang life sa blogger mama…:)