Culinary Arts

I just thought to enroll myself in a culinary arts but when I inquire myself of that course here in our place. My God it cost me a fortune to enroll, although the utensils are free and some stuff. I tried to inquire if I would enroll in June, because I think since it is summer now, the fees are quiet expensive. But when I asked how much would the enrollment fee if I would enroll in June yet, you know how much it is? It was like P297,000 for one year, even though it for one year, well it is still costly for me. Anyway, I just tried to ask for it, hmmpp, I already thinking of putting up a restaurant just before I went inside but after I learned about the fees, I might just put up a cafeteria instead.

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2 Responses to “Culinary Arts”

  1. Hyanne says:

    Wow mahal nga talaga, foundation na ng bahay yon, oh baka my bubong na nga kung semi-concrete lang. Siguro pang-international level standards nila,. ok na rin yong cafeteria Ate Anne, mas maganda malapit sa school para madami suking estudyante for budget meal ba.

  2. Hazelicious says:

    Holy Cow! Enrolling in culinary arts is really expensive! The fee was like going to college for 4 years in a private school. Whoa!

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