I am a husband, I am a father and

… I am in love with you.

I just watched a movie today “Trust the Man” I thought when I started watching it; it is the same as Eat, Pray, love. I found the latter boring, don’t get me wrong I know some of you may like but for me it was lack of thrilled and excitement. The “Trust the Man” was different; in some way it taught us a lesson to understand the man as well as the woman. Their needs, their passion, the way the love, some of you may not understand the needs and wants of the two gender until one lesson that must be learned. Until you found out that this person is the one you truly love and willing to stay forever.

The quote “I am a husband, I am a father and I am in love with you” is a note from a husband who has an issue of himself, like he is not sure of himself at all. The wife just let him go and tried to hide her emotions, even so she knows she loves her husband very much. The husband realized how much he loves her and how much he adores her, although he has to take well care, more, of their kids and spent time with them, than of his wife to their children. The wife realized that in the end that it is not good to just work and work without having an ample time with your family alone.

Nonetheless, they got back to each other and so his best friend who is the brother of his wife, to his girlfriend who is the best friend of his wife.

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