TCP # 1: The Perfect Man

I am sorry for the late entry, I just don’t know what was the theme for Tuesday Couch Potatoes but when I visited the site, there is already an update, and the theme was stated. So here’s my pick for:

The Perfect Man is a story of Mom and daughter heart warming relationship. Hillary Duff plays the role of Heather Locklear who tried so hard to find a perfect for her Mom. She was grown tired already of moving out from one place to another every time her Mom had a break up, that is her way of heart therapy. But when Heather Locklear could not find one, she made up a secret admirer for her Mom, she sent her flowers and gifts so for them not to move out again.

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2 Responses to “TCP # 1: The Perfect Man”

  1. Hazelicious says:

    I watched this movie years ago. It was cute and really touching for someone who wants her mother to be happy.

  2. lou says:

    i really want to join couch potatoes(meme) but don’t have the time,, i love movies.. heheh