TCP # 2: Freaky Friday

The only age swapping I could remember was the Freaky Friday; I guess one of the participants had already used this movie for the last week theme. But then since age swapping is the theme for today, I would still be using it.

Me and my niece adored Lindsay Lohan when she was still young, so there’s no movie of her that we passed it by; I guess we watched all her movies when she was still a teenager. We stopped watching her movies, when she became so daring and with her status right now, we always wonder why she came up being an alcoholic. She just wasted her being so popular and not only that, she also wasted her life.

Moreover, the Freaky Friday is a movie for the whole family, especially when you have a daughter, this movie would be perfect for both of you.

This is the synopsis of the movie:

Dr. Tess Coleman and her fifteen-year-old daughter, Anna, are not getting along. They don’t see eye-to-eye on clothes, hair, music, and certainly not in each other’s taste in men. One Thursday evening, their disagreements reach a fever pitch – Anna is incensed that her mother doesn’t support her musical aspirations and Tess, a widow about to remarry, can’t see why Anna won’t give her fiancé a break. Everything soon changes when two identical Chinese fortune cookies cause a little mystic mayhem. The next morning, their Friday gets freaky when Tess and Anna find themselves inside the wrong bodies. As they literally walk a mile in each other’s shoes, they gain a little newfound respect for the other’s point of view. But with Tess’s wedding coming on Saturday, the two have to find a way to switch back – and fast.


3 Responses to “TCP # 2: Freaky Friday”

  1. Ayvee says:

    Hmmm! wa pa ko kita ani nga movie..try unya nako ni ug watch..i like Lindsay Lohan before but not anymore kay na buang man sya oi hehe

  2. genny says:

    nice pick ann! kita ko ani bah, kataw anan gamay.hehhe

  3. Earth says:

    nice pick! Jamie Lee Curtis was GREAT!