I Can’t Wait

I can’t wait for sending this blog to some paid sites; my hands are so itchy to do it. But I have to wait for the right time, my friend Genny is also suggesting that I actually could apply for Direct Advertising, it is somewhat new to me, I didn’t expect that there are some advertisers out there willing to give you a task not through a website, well the word “direct” explains everything, they would directly hire you if they like what you posted in your blog.

Wish me all the best of lucks!

3 Responses to “I Can’t Wait”

  1. emzkie says:

    i had some offers before but i just ignore it. tapos karon wala na naga email. hadlok man gud ko ba.

  2. Hyanne says:

    Good luck Ate Anne, narinig ko na rin yang Direct Advertiser na yan, kaso di ko alam if site ba yan o blogger mismo. Hehe

  3. Madz says:

    Good luck sis, best to build up the quality of your blog’s content. I’ve had a few offers but so far none pushed through, hehe. Just a little tip, Filipino advertisers are stingy 😛