A Guilty Mom

Sometimes I feel like I am not doing my duty as a Mom to my youngest daughter, I feel like I have no time for her since this summer started. I always go with Jm to send her to the pool for her swimming lessons.

Last week, I planned to go to the nursery school to inquire for summer class of my toddler so to prepare her on June. Yet, until now I am still not able to do that because I just totally forgot about it. I feel so guilty; right now I am at the gym’s canteen to write this post. How I wish tonight she is still up so we can have a little bonding, I mean I both love my kids, it is just sometimes being a mom of two is hard.

On Wednesday, I hope not to lose track so I will be able to ask that school if she could still have her summer class. I am crossing my fingers.

3 Responses to “A Guilty Mom”

  1. Claire says:

    bawi na lang jud bff. si jamie is going to Montessori in Bangkal this June. They are genuine montessori way of teaching thats why we liked it. Its a branch of Montessori de Manila so lets see how my Jamie girl would do:) dili daw sya sa precious ky ma pressure ha! hehhe

  2. Hazelicious says:

    I don’t know what to say, Anne because I am not a mom. Before, I thought that I was not being a good wife to my husband because of many online activities that I do. Facebook, farming, blogging and talk to my family back home. Then I realized it has to stopped and I need to make it up with him. So I stopped the online farming. I managed my time and I was happy because I was able to give more time to my husband which we really enjoy much.

  3. Family Help says:

    Hey there Anne. Nobody is perfect. There is no such a perfect parent either. You just do your best to become a good mother although there are times where you can’t able to attend ALL the needs of your children. Perhaps you may adjust your time for your kids to give them enough time they needed from you. I know it’s been hard on you but you get through with it, next time.