Top 10 Commentators for the Month of April

Here’s my top ten commentators for the month of April and to  commend the top 3 commentators, their badge will be put in my side bar thank you so much!

Hazelicious of Unwritten Chronicles (9)

Chie Wilks of Chuchies Hideaway (7)

Genny of My Piece of Mind (6)

Dhemz of Me and my Passion (5)

Hyanne of It’s Not Just a Blog (5)

Shy of Shy’s Mixed Thoughts (4)

Willa of The Blogging Traveler (4)

AC of Happy Home Working (3)

Emzkie of (3)

January of Janz Crystal (3)


Thank You So Much

One Response to “Top 10 Commentators for the Month of April”

  1. Chie Wilks says:

    wow, second honor ko diri.hehe thanks for the linky love Anne!