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After I put my little teapot to sleep, it suddenly rain so hard. The Cignal, the cable company of my TV is not working again. It has been like that since it was installed, and we don’t know how to prevent that for putting off when it’s raining. We already complained about it to their office but they said it is but normal. I don’t have any choice since there is no cable company that is available for our place. So we just have to face the consequences, anyway, at least we were still able to watch our favorite drama series on TV, it started when the rain stopped.

While putting F to sleep, I fell asleep as well; this was before the rain started. I did not turn the computer off yet since I still need to go back here to update. Sometimes when I am sleeping, I feel like I am just taking a nap in the afternoon, or about to wake up in the morning. When I wake up so sudden, I would tend to tell Jm in the living room to get ready because we will be late on her training, sometimes she would laugh at me because it was still night time.

This morning, when my computer acted up, I rebooted it then I took a nap after. I tried to get up after it was loaded up but I continued sleeping. When the phone rang, I immediately got up and thought my husband was waiting for me online as scheduled and he called me because I didn’t went online. I answered the phone calling his name, it was then I realized that it was already 11:00 a.m., and we were done chatting already. The one who called me over the phone was my BFF, telling me it was her and not my husband. Geez, I lost track again! What about you do you also feeling like lost with your time?

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