Sleeping Late

It was already late at night but Faith was still in front of the computer, I let her used the computer because I was so hooked up with Green Rose. When we are done watching TV, I told the kids to get to  the bed so I can update here. But geez, my little teapot won’t follow, she said she still wanted to watch Mr. Bean in You Tube. I have tricked her so many things  just for her to follow me but my trick was failed. So I have to shut down my computer and did not return until she stops crying and went to sleep. I always thank the options for the date and time so it still goes to the date I want.

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One Response to “Sleeping Late”

  1. Dhemz says:

    hhahaha…ka cute jud ni faith….:) agoy, last night na jud ron sa GR…exciting!