Insensitive and Selfish

Why is that, there are some people in this world who are so insensitive and so selfish, they would say they were the most affected while they were the one who started it. We just want a fair game but they choose to be unfair, now I hope that the decision will be realized then so the person who is really involved why there were some commotions in that field will be sanctioned enough of what he did. We will not stop until he would learn his lesson because if we won’t pursue what we have started against that person, there are many or even more who will be the next victim of his lies. I am just so thankful that my friend is so persistent to push this through; at least I have someone for me to relate to.

One Response to “Insensitive and Selfish”

  1. Ayvee says:

    ingon ana gyud na girl..dli exciting ang life if walay kontrabida hehehe!