There are no instant drivers

I don’t know what to feel, I just feel so excited yet scared. You know why? Tomorrow, the car that we just bought would be send here by our friend. Mj was excited but I got a mixed emotions, I will have to try to drive within the village, most probably, will send Faith to her school where is only within our village before I would go to the busy streets. But one thing I should recall is how to start engine, I somehow forgot about it, LOL. I know, I know I am starting to get panicked, but as they said, you will never succeed you haven’t tried and overcome the hardest part. And besides, there is no instant driver, every driver has undergone the same thing I will experience, good luck to me.

Moreover, I did not get a driver’s license yet it will follow later, our contact already asked us if when I could pay so he could arrange a schedule for exam for me. I just hope everything will turn out right, and oh GOD please guide me that I will not hurt anyone and protect me from those reckless drivers.

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