I really hate it when I tried to learn something new, because I can’t seem to find the easiest way, I got scared and as if my heart will explode any sooner.

When I was first employed in one of the company here, they assigned me to encode stocks. I knew to operate a computer but not much as when I was working at school during enrollment, it was all programmed and we just have to encode the subject and the name of the enrollees in the computer, unlike the assignments that they handed me, excel was all so new to me. I always encountered REF! or whatsoever, so every time I report to our office, I had goose bumps, I feel like I could not breathe at all.

Moreover, I was able to survive, I learned from my mistakes, and I realized excel is the most basic part program in a computer. I just need to be tough and to always be alert with what I am dealing right now; I know sooner or later I will be okay.

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One Response to “Disappointed”

  1. jenn says:

    asa ka nagwork anne?