I Hate Being Tricked

Yes, I hate being tricked or fooled, especially when the one who would do that to me are my kids. For Faith, it was just so cute when she tries to outwit me, of course she is just a toddler but with Mj, I can’t help but hate it. I had been telling her a lot of times not to trick me especially when that regards with her worksheets or assignments at school. So since, I am doing my best to be just a good mom and to prolong my patience. I keep on checking her assignments or worksheets if she did not skipped the page or so, if she tricked me again, there is always a punishment that should be imposed, just like since you tricked me, you should be the one to arrange the dishes or be the one to lock the doors and windows, in second offense, no computer for her even on weekends. Well, I guess that works out best for both of us because when I checked her worksheets, they were always finished.

Thank GOD!

One Response to “I Hate Being Tricked”

  1. chiewilks says:

    it’s good sis nga naay punishment para dli na mang-trick..

    stopping by…