When Hardships Stikes

Sometimes in our lives, we encountered some trials, sometimes we thought it was so hard that we could not even get a solution, I personally experienced hardship in life and when I feel like I could not bear the pain at all, I would write a note for myself that somehow things will get better and when I look back, I will only have to smile at it. Just recently I was searching for some famous Inspirational Quotes about life and love, don’t get me wrong, I am alright, but I guess if I am able to send that quote to my friend who is battling with her illness, she won’t lose hope. Just like what I was before when I feel like the whole world was tumbling down on me. The pain and the rejection were so intolerable, but then I realized after I read that quote from the book I was reading, I was enlighten. Indeed, it was right that when I was in pain, some people in this world have felt the same way and or even painful than what I felt then, they maybe in a creek trying to survive, or in an illness that is hopeless, or somebody must have encountered an accident that may caused his legs to be cut. My problem would be just so little compared of what they had, so why complain, when I know God will never forsake me.

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