I never realized until…

I never understand before why my sister is so nosy when I could not get home early from school. I always thought they just don’t trust me. And I can’t help to be so disappointed whenever they would ask me over and over and over, why I came home so late. And whenever we had an annual field trip for scholars, my sister would always tell me if I was just want to attend because I just wanna be free from home, or is it really not a compulsory and I just don’t want to obey her. That really makes me so mad at them, and I always ask why can’t they just trust me or support me with my scholarship requirements and all, I was not sneaking out, attending field trips and retreats are required for all working scholars.

Anyway, I never realized their worries until I have my own kid attending school. The other week, my daughter told me that will be having a meeting regarding with donations for the flood victims, so I did not worry if ever she went home after 5:00 p.m., I was just sitting here and doing my task online, when suddenly my sister asks me and told me the time and yet Mj is not home. It was almost 6:00 p.m. so I called the school but they told me that the graders have been at the carpool since 4:00 pm, the meeting was cancelled during that day. And Mj should be home by now, I called all the sources I have on my phone list only to find out that their carpool had an engine issue along the way, they need to stop, other kids were already fetch by their families. Good thing that my brother-in-law offered me some help, since he has a motorcycle; he was the one who fetch Mj from the highway and sent her here.

The worries I felt that day was incomparable, I mean yeah she is just a kid yet and she will not go to the mall to window shop, she doesn’t even know how to go there. But knowing the harm she could get while she is still there inside her carpool, we better be cautious and we should be extra careful.

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  1. Willa says:

    We will never understand until we are on their situation.and by the way, I love your new template. 🙂